Tamera Carter, Guest Columnist 

Eating healthy on a college campus is a big struggle. When I got to school I thought it would be easy to stay fit and eat right. It did not take me long to realize I was wrong.

On Florida Southern’s campus we do not have a major variety of options. At larger universities they have full cafeterias dedicated to healthy and organic foods.

In the school cafeteria we have a small salad bar, fruit and vegan options.

Most of the food they offer is high in carbs, fried or high in sodium. In the undercaf we have Freshens, which offers smoothies.

Unfortunately we do not have any chain restaurants at our school for more options.

You mostly only have three choices to eat from. If you live in an apartment you are extremely lucky because you get to cook meals for yourself everyday.

Walking to class by the Buckstop trying to fight the temptation of pizza is one of the hardest things. I would love to eat pizza everyday but I know it is not good for me.

As college students we want something that is quick and easy to grab. But the quick food to grab is not the healthiest. College is not the ideal health freaks dream.

I hope next year or sometime soon the school can bring more healthy options to campus. It would allow students to have more of a variety.

I think it would nice to have a healthy version of the Buckstop.

It can offer fresh and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

I know people always argue that healthy and organic food is more expensive but it is crucial we take care of our health at a young age to form good habits.

If we take care of our bodies now then we when will have less health issues when we are older.

I often watch the show The Doctors and they are always talking about how processed foods are causing various cancers. That means our beloved bacon, hotdogs and lunch meats are infecting our bodies.

Despite hearing this news I still continue to eat bacon, it is one of my favorite foods and I can not seem to let it go.

I have always told my friends that I would be a vegetarian if I had a personal chef.

It would be really nice to have someone to cook healthy meals for me everyday.

At least the wellness center offers free workout classes to students so we can burn off all the calories we eat.

I always hear students complaining about not having enough healthy options on campus, well it is time for Florida Southern to do something about it.