By: Chris Settineri

With the amount of technology available to young entrepreneurs on the rise, the business world has seen a wave of innovation from young talented people ready to become “the next big thing.” Florida Southern College students have been a part of that wave by starting and running their own businesses.


Last year, when they were assigned a project in a management class, Juniors Taylor Morrison and Evan Magee began a project that eventually turned into a business called “flo so co.” They are a clothing company that uses the proceeds made from the clothing to fund ocean conservation efforts.


They teamed up with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and initially raised $500 for the aquariums marine conservation efforts.

Magee & TMO

Both Morrison and Magee are passionate about the ocean. When it came time for Dolphin Tale 2 to premiere, the sequel to a film about a dolphin who can no longer survive in the wild and is living in captivity at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, the aquarium contacted Taylor Morrison and Evan Magee and invited them as sponsors to the premiere. They described it as “awesome” and as “6 months of hard work finally coming to fruition.”


Flo so co again funded more conservation efforts bringing the total amount put towards ocean conservation to $1000. Morrison said his goal was to bring knowledge of ocean conservation away from the coast not only to people who enjoy the beach, but also to people who maybe have never been to the beach or seen the ocean.


This is a major part of flo so co’s business plan: to bring the knowledge of ocean conservation to everyone. Morrison and Magee are both young, passionate entrepreneurs who just want to make the world a better place. Overall it is a good business model that is on track to be a success.