Frank Ewere

Staff Writer 

For students looking to be rewarded for all their hard work at the gym, an opportunity may have just come up.

A couple of weeks ago, Florida Southern College began its group exercise incentive program “Fit Bingo.”

This program provides students, faculty and staff with a way to help them get into shape while also giving them a goal which they can try to reach.

When a student attends a group exercise class between Jan. 27 and Feb. 28, they receive stamps for their attendance. They will also receive a prize for the first bingo.

According to Michele Cash, participants receive a water bottle for their first bingo.

After 18 stamps are received in any order, he or she will be put into a raffle to win the grand prize.  The grand prize will be revealed at the end of the program.

“When someone gets a bingo they generally would have to go to a mind and body yoga/meditation class, cardiovascular, resistance training, ab attack and a personal choice class,” Cash said. “This encourages students or staff to keep coming back to classes.”

A stamp can be earned from all group exercise classes. Some classes where stamps can be earned are Indoor Cycling, Zumba, Yoga, and even Meditation and Relaxation.

Another favorable fact is that all classes are free.

Cash came up with this program last semester.  This is also the second year that she has coordinated this program.

According to Cash, around 90 participants have signed up for the Fit Bingo program.

“Generally, we always have an increase in numbers in January,” Cash said. “Therefore, we start the program in January to extend out the number of participants through February.”

Different exercises offer different benefits. With this program, Cash seeks to offer a way to enjoy those benefits while in a group setting.

“Fit Bingo’s goal is to allow students to encourage students, faculty and staff to get a little variety in their work out and try out classes they may not originally try out on their own,” Cash said.

For more information, contact Cash at or any other group exercise instructor.