Danika Thiele
Staff Writer

Roux Library is going modern with social media and more frequent advertising.

With over 500 likes and hits on Facebook and new advertisements, including various Photoshopped banners is boosting the page’s productivity.

Lake Sprenkle, who starred in the page’s ad for the library’s complete collection of Doctor Who DVDs and books, said, “It was a lot of fun attempting to recreate the iconic poses seen on the covers of the Doctor Who DVDs. I think it’s awesome that the Roux is up to date on the popular show and encouraging people to check it out.”

Sprenkle was asked to dress as the eleventh Doctor for the site’s banner. Shortly after posting, the site gained 453 views and 18 likes.

Behind this social media campaign is instructional services librarian Cathy Jones.

“Roux Library is an integral part of the larger FSC community,” Jones said. “We like using social media such as Facebook and Twitter because it’s visual, it’s quick, and it continues to grow in popularity. One year ago, we were at 119 likes. Now we have over 500. I think it’s because we’ve had a large mix of content and it’s not all just research related.”

Jones’ media endeavors range from ads for Doctor Who to Breaking Bad to a cupcake party celebrating the site’s increased activity.

In addition to their plunge into social media, the Roux Library has also developed an itinerary for the upcoming year. A library icon—Riley the therapy dog—makes frequent visits. Also, students look forward to the annual Cupcake Palooza in November.

The Roux frequently supports campus clubs and organizations and is open to event suggestions. Currently, the librarians are in the midst of planning more fun activities and additions this semester, such as the Roux Library book club.

“We’re hoping to get a “Roux Reads” book club formed. All faculty and students are invited. We’ll be promoting it soon on our Facebook page and it’s a part of our outreach from Roux to the FSC community. The book club will put emphasis on a variety of books from outside the library,” said Donna Kahelin, Circulation Supervisor at the Roux.

Accompanying this new club is the initiation of a “Roux Reads” best-seller section on the first floor of the library. Last year the best-seller collection was hidden on the second floor, barely noticed by library users of Florida Southern. The purpose of moving it to the first floor is to generate more interest in pleasure reading by making these books more accessible.

“The purpose of ‘Roux Reads’ is to bring smart, popular reading to the FSC family of faculty, staff, students and alumni,” said Kahelin. “It will highlight books that are movie tie-ins, best-sellers from The New York Times, and promote popular authors. We’re going to change the books out on a monthly basis so the section stays fresh. We also want to have a thematic display each time. Right now we have the Sherlock Holmes series, the BBC DVD’s, and Sherlockian to show the different perspectives of one literary character.”

Pleasure reading and bestsellers are not the only resources found at the library. Library services range from individual and group instruction, course reserves, interlibrary loan, study carrels and various online databases.

The librarians also check out headsets and other equipment for students. The Roux staff hopes the increase in social media, the calendar for the upcoming year, and “Roux Reads” will help generate interest in the library’s many uses.

“We have a lot of books about ballet to support the curriculum with the new dance studio, so a dance student can read about the day to day life of a ballerina,” said Kahelin. “Some of our ROTC students can look into the lives of military people from the past. We really have something for everyone.”

Photo courtsey of Creative Commons