Maggie Ross
Editor in Chief

Q: Welcome back to campus! What’s you favorite part about returning back to school in the fall?
A: My favorite part of returning to campus undoubtedly has to be seeing the bright new faces that are slowly becoming enrolled into the tradition of being a Florida Southern College Moccasin. Even more so, I enjoy being welcomed back by my friends and faculty; its like coming home.

Q: There’s been a lot of big changes on campus since we left for summer. Which one are you most excited about?
A: Florida Southern has made a big effort to make big changes over the summer, but the one I’m looking forward to the most has to be the Buck Stop. I am a big foodie, and pizza specifically. After only trying it a couple times so far I already can’t wait for it to become a concrete part of my weekly meals.

Q: As always, SGA is very involved on campus. How do they plan on engaging the FSC student body this year?
A: One of our goals this year is to move towards students feeling that they can easily access members of senate to let their problems be known. We want to utilize tools such as senate socials where senators can address their constituents about specific problems to that department or group. We want to create a more face to face and active stream of communication between the students and SGA.

Q: You mentioned that ___ was a big interest of yours for improvement on the FSC campus. Tell us how you plan to achieve that.
A: Last year campus WiFi and the quality of it was a clear cut concern, despite the attempts to renovate it, their clearly are some kinks that need to be worked out. In the first few weeks, WiFi is again at the top of the priority list. I plan on working with my advisor and actively engaging with students to find out to main issues so that they can be relayed to the I.T department. By doing this they will have a clearer sight of how the issue can be solved.

Q: Any big events we should be marking our calendars for with SGA?
A: This year we plan to transition from a week of impact to a day of impact. We are planning to create a day filled with opportunities to serve in our local community, and we plan to have it on Martin Luther King day. We hope that on this day we can really bring the campus community together in the joint goal of serving in Lakeland and the greater Polk county area.

Q: What would you say is the best way for students to get involved with student government on campus, even if they are not elected?
A: The biggest way for students to get involved whether they are elected or not is to speak up, and more importantly speak up to the people that are listening. Social media doesn’t go very far when it comes to a problem you may have, speaking to a senator or a member of the executive board however could turn out very differently. I really encourage students to make their voice heard, because their voices and concerns are the driving force of SGA.

Q: When we don’t find you in your office, where would you be enjoying your free time ideally?
A: I like to think I’m very diverse in the activities I partake in, so your guess is as good as mine. I can be found anywhere from strolling in and out of tutus with a tour group to soaking up some sun in the pool. I’m very wellness orientated, so yoga classes, the basketball courts or even the intramural fields are all places you’re likely to find me.

Photo courtesy of Jheryl Cabey