On March 14, senior graphic design majors presented their productions at the exhibit in the Melvin Art Gallery. Approximately 200 attended.

The students have been working together on these projects since the beginning of the school year and some plan to continue to make this an actual product in society.

“We knew that we had a good group but to see the way that we grew as a group from day one to the final show was absolutely incredible,” senior Ricky Marton said.

The project is big for graduating seniors.

“This is basically their capstone project and we start at the beginning of the year in a class and they have to take a company, a product or an idea and create a brand for it,” Sam Romero, head of the graphic design department, said.

According to Romero they are not only looking at this project as a brand, but also an advertising campaign.

In addition, this exhibit had an incentive as well. First place won a cash prize and the other place received recognition.

Logan Westley received first place with his production of “Subivore,” a food chain brand with healthier options aimed at college students.

“I found that a lot of late night restaurants like Taco Bell don’t offer healthy options,” Westley said.

He decided to create a sandwich brand that is geared toward college students as a healthier option.

Second place was taken by Trenton Moore with his project “Aero Allegretto,” and Dominic Bromley received third place with his project “Knightsbridge.” Abby Born received honorable mention for her product “Right Nut.”

Two former graphic design students that work for the creative side of Publix were the judges at the exhibit. The exhibit was judged on creativity, product and a speech they delivered.

Ideas for the products generated from many different places and inspirations.

“Well I live on the beach so I see a lot of plastic in the ocean and I wanted to do something about it,” senior Meredith Albury said.

Some ideas for products were generated from inconvenience.

“…they are basically refrigerated koozies. The inconvenience from always having a warm drink (inspired me),” senior John Robinson said.

Most students faced obstacles during this project.

“Loosing half my presentation the day before was an obstacle. Having to make a speech up on the fly for half of it was pretty tough, but I feel like I overcame my obstacle and did quite well,” Robinson said.

Presentations took about 20 minutes.

Overall this exhibit left students with a brand that they can apply to the real world and a possible future career.