Jillian Kurtz 

Dr. Jobia Keys, professor of Communications, spoke about being proactive on the topic of Women’s History Month at an event on March 20.

The Multicultural Student Council (MSC) hosted a Women’s History Month Celebration in the Eleanor Searle Drawing Room in an effort to educate students on the topic and open the conversation.

President of MSC Usonwanne Okonkwo opened the event with a presentation of the poem, “Remember Women” by Reese Leyva.

Keys took the podium and opened with powerful words of encouragement to all attendees.

“First, I want to say that amazing women in history should be celebrating all year round,” Keys said. “Instead of talking about the many historical contributions that women have made, I want to talk to you about making history.”

In order for history to have been made, there had to have been an opportunity. Keys elaborated on how to create opportunities to keep pushing women towards greatness.

“Women belong in places where all decisions are being made,” Keys said.

One of the main points that she hit on was that not only do women have to support women, but men must as well.

“I really wanted people to be able to take something from this event that they can apply and I think people can apply actionable items more than they can apply history,” Keys said.

Officers of MSC went around to tables and passed out a “Privilege Checklist.” After students were asked to check off the traits they carry, such as their race and  their financial background, students were encouraged with ways that they can use their privileges to be a support system for other types of people.

“I didn’t realize how many things that I’m privileged with,” freshman Kaelyn Riffle said. “It gives you more to help others with.”

The three main ways that people can use their privilege, according to Keys, is to mentor others, speak up for others and listen. Students aided in listing organizations and places where they would be able to make an effort to provide change for women. Some of these included Generation Action and the Women’s Advocacy Club on campus.

“I think hearing topics like this is always interesting from a different perspective, it’s always informative,” Hausthor said. “Open up the conversations. Go to MSC events hear educated people talk about these topics.”


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