The end of the semester is fast approaching, which for many means the busiest time of the year. Most of us are piled high with projects, papers and exams for these last few weeks of school.

Yet it always seems like social calendars are just as packed at this time of year.

With on-campus events, sunny weekends at the beach and farewell parties our social calendars are booked to the max. But then reality hits. It’s not all fun and games when you realize you have less than 24 hours to turn that paper in. Maybe a weekend in Clearwater wasn’t so worth it. Or was it?

In ten years, what are you going to remember, the wild weekend you spent with your closest friends or the A you made on your statistics exam?

We suppose that’s up to you, but we know the majority would go with the first.

Well, let’s just say you decide to spend all weekend out until the crack of dawn living it up. Sunday night rolls around and you’re pulling an all – nighters just to catch up.

Monday is here. You’re wearing your Batman pajamas to class, your hair hasn’t seen the likes of a hairbrush in days, and your eyes have raccoon rings.

Let’s face it: you’re a mess. You get to your exam and instead of acing it you’re drooling on it. Was your sleepless weekend as rewarding as you expected?

The last few weeks of school revolve around a triangle. Three simple choices make up this triangle: good grades, social life and adequate sleep. But here’s the catch, you can only pick two.

For some, the choices may be easy. If they are easy choices you probably need to revaluate your lifestyle.

These choices should not be easy. You should feel stressed. These last few weeks are going to be difficult. There’s no sugar coating it.

Yet, isn’t that what life is all about? Making choices. Having priorities. The decisions you make in college, believe it or not, will impact the rest of your life.

That’s not to say that the one D you made on your bio exam will ruin the rest of your life or that one too many drinks will make you spiral out of control.

But your life will begin to be shaped by the decisions you repeatedly make.

So what are you going to chose? Some may choose good grades and sleep, because the two seem to correlate. If you get enough sleep, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on any exam.

Maintaining an active social life and grades that will make your parents proud are probably the choices that are ideal for every college student.

Or maybe you just want to sleep and socialize.

In this case, maybe you should reconsider the money you’re investing in a college education. We think the choices here are clear. All three.

We know you were only allowed to pick two, but that was just to see where your priorities lie.

In reality you can spend hours with your nose in a textbook, attend the best social gatherings, and hit the hay at a reasonable hour. It’s this thing called time management, and in the next three weeks we can all learn how to do it.

Set out specific times to study. This way you will know you aren’t spending too much or too little time doing so.

Study with your friends, look you’re being social! Prioritize which social events are most important. Do you really need to go to another toga party? Oh and most importantly, don’t forget to sleep.


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