Kati McCabe
Contributing Writer

Florida Southern student Delanie Wallace posed the question, “What is amendment 2?”

Medical marijuana has been widely reported by major news stations across Florida. As the November elections are approaching, attorney John Morgan, has fought and succeeded in bringing the medical marijuana amendment to the ballot.

Supporters of this act across the state are raising awareness during major sporting events and pride festivals. Many signed a clipboard filled with petition forms for the legalization of medical marijuana.

Following in the footsteps of 19 other states, Florida will be considering the decision to legalize medical marijuana. More than 600,000 supporters signed a petition to bring Amendment 2 to the ballot.

Morgan and Grady Judd, Polk County Sheriff, went head to head on August 28th in an educational forum at a local Lakeland high school. The forum was moderated by the Ledger and boasted support from both sides. Many people including families and children in the audience wore shirts or carried signs in support of Amendment 2.

People United for Medical Marijuana is the main backer of Amendment 2. Recently Morgan has been named chairman of the organization originally started by stay at home mom, Kim Russell.

Morgan says his reasons for backing the campaign are personal. Medical marijuana would have benefitted his late father who endured emphysema and esophageal cancer and his brother who suffers from quadriplegia.

In an interview with the Herald Tribune, Morgan said, “It made it possible for them to sit down and have a good meal. “Gravis Marketing reported that 64 percent of Florida voters are in favor of Amendment 2, while 26 percent were op- posed and 10 were unsure.

“I don’t like when people get into the argument, it’s always a topic of discussion.” FSC student Taylor Morrison said. “I work at a bar and the older men come in and say they shouldn’t legalize it or make it available for medical reasons because its a drug. Meanwhile they’re holding a rum and coke and a cigarette in their hands.”

Morrison and other students are frustrated by later generations lack of understanding about medicinal marijuana.

“They (Judd) think that we’re going to abuse the system. I’ve never smoked a day in my life, but I also get that there are people out there who could really benefit from it,” said Amanda Saayfan.

Judd’s main argument at the education forum in Lakeland was about responsibility: keeping marijuana away from the children and how police will now have to take extra measures into policing the use of medical marijuana.

Judd’s campaign against Amendment 2 is backed by Florida Sheriffs Association, which has joined the “Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot” coalition.

Drug-Free Florida and Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Las Vegas Sands Casino and a huge political backer of governor Rick Scott, have raised over $2 million in opposition of Amendment 2.

In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Judd said “This amendment, as a matter of fact, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” implying that medical marijuana will enable the backdoor legalization of weed.

College students could be the most influential age group in the coming election according to Morgan’s interviews.

Photo courtsey of Brett Levin Photography