Ashley Augusty, Staff Writer

Dylan Travis, the center/ point guard of the Florida Southern College basketball team, has received the chance of a lifetime. The 22-year-old FSC senior will be going to Brazil toto practice his skills and represent America in matches against basketball teams from across the globe. The was able to interview him before he departs for two weeks on his adventure.

Q: Why are you going to Brazil and how were you selected? 

A: “I’ll be going to Brazil from May 10-18, and I got selected by Ryan Smith, who runs UCA Tours and events, to play because of my improved skills in basketball and my academic achievements. Once I applied, me and nine other guys from different states got an invitation  to go and play in Brazil. We will be representing USA across our chest while playing four or five games against other countries’ professional teams. The first half consist of us playing these games, the other half is sightseeing. We’ll be in Rio De Janeiro, and  [we’ll get to] see the Chrysler Redeemer and other cool things. We’ll also be running basketball clinics for some of the youth there, so that’s pretty much the whole trip.”

Q: Will you still be in FSC at the time or will you have graduated already? 

A: “Yeah, I’ll have to take a summer class to finish up my majors, so I will have  graduated, except for just the one class. After that I will be completely finished.”

Q: How long have you played basketball for? 

A: “Aw man, ever since I can remember honestly. My mom has showed me baby pictures of me with a basketball in my hands before. ”

Q: What do you love the most about basketball? 

A: “Aw man, the feeling it gives you is the best. I’ve always used it to distress, for example if you’re upset, you can go play basketball. I’ve actually meet a lot of my best friends through playing basketball and being on traveling teams. The best part is all the connections you  make and the fun I have playing is amazing. It’s my true passion.”

Q: After Brazil, where will you go? 

A: “Oh I’ll be going home to Omaha, Nebraska. I have a connecting flight in Houston, from there I’ll be flying home.”

Q: Are you excited to go, and have you ever been overseas? 

A:” Oh, I’m very excited to go, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime to go and represent your country in another country. I’ve never been out of the USA, so I’m sure it’ll be a culture shock. It’ll be a good little test since I plan on playing professional basketball in the future.”

Q: Do you think living abroad will affect your basketball skills/training and why? 

A: “Yeah, I think so. Playing over there, the European games are different, the rules are different and it’s much more physical. As for living there, I’m not the biggest cook, so I’ll have to learn some recipes from my mom. She’s a pretty good cook, so hopefully she can teach my some stuff to use.”

Q: Since you’re not coming back to FSC, would you like to say anything to your team or the other students before you leave? 

A: “To my team; I know that we didn’t do so well this year, but the sky’s the limit for those guys. I know they work hard and I know that they’ll bring the team back to what is was last year.  I trust Coach Donnelly and I know that they’ll just stay with it and keep up the good work.”

Q: What are your goals for the future? 

A: “Short term goals are to find out if I get signed to a European team in June. Stay healthy and sign to a good team. Long term goals are in three years, I’d like to play in Europe, which is one rank lower than the NBA. Over there you can make 6,000 a year and I hope to make that kind of money.”

Q: What do you plan to accomplish in Brazil? 

A: “I hope to better myself and show them that America can play some basketball. I hope to learn more and expand my horizon and get to know the different culture. I hope to inspire some young kids from the basketball clinics to one day play basketball too.”