Ashley Buckley and Mason Thompson

Contributing Writers


Stephen Ellrod is back, and better than ever. After a leaving Florida Southern College last year, he is back and ready to make music that captures the hearts of all of his fans. Ellrod sat down with The Southern to discuss music, FSC and the “little things” in his life.


Q: When did you start getting into music?


A: I started when I was 14. I started playing the drums. We started a band called “Table 13”. It was terrible, probably the worst music you’ll ever hear. But, it gave me some insight; I got into some new music and now look at me- I’m a blossoming flower.


Q: How’s it like to be back at FSC?


A: It’s fantastic, knowing that I’ll be able to finish this year and not three years from now. FSC is great; it’s a tight knit community where I have lots of friends. I just love it.


Q: Do you have any new videos coming out?


A: This Saturday I’m recording the last part of a music video for an original song of mine, which is going to be coming out within 2 or 3 weeks. So I’m excited about that. That’s what I want everyone to know about and share.


Q: What’s your favorite song to play live?


A: “Little Things,” is my favorite song to play live because it’s the first song I ever wrote for country music.


Q: What’s “Little Things” about?


A: It’s about love and being in love. It’s about Elizabeth Collier, a redheaded firecracker.


Q: Is there anything coming up that you want the public to know about?


A: I’m playing a benefit concert here October 24th for Students Helping Honduras. There will be pizza!


Here’s a video of his latest song, “Little Things”. Be sure to like his Facebook page for all updates on his music and apperances.