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Celebrating 100 years in Lakeland

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Residence Hall Association in early development

This fall, Community Living will be implementing the Resident Hall Association (RHA). This program will act separate from the Resident Advisor (RA) program and gives residents the opportunity to have a voice in decisions regarding residential communities.

Business-oriented horticulture major to start next fall

A new horticulture major is coming to Florida Southern in the fall, which includes a few different courses and a curriculum that focuses on the business side of agriculture. 

Valentine’s Day is for everyone

Is Valentine’s Day all what it is cracked up to be? Could one’s favorite holiday be another’s day of misery?

Florida intervenes with Texas’ conflict against the nation

Growing tensions between Texas and federal authorities continue as neither have come to a consensus on how to proceed with the rise in migrant crossers at the U.S.-Mexico border. Conflict ensues as protests break out throughout Texas and Florida sends their own State Guard members out to intervene.

Andrew’s Coffee: On the road to brewing success

Lakeland’s alternative drive-through coffee shop has recently undergone some monumental changes.