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Celebrating 100 years in Lakeland

Top Stories

LPD announces new police chief

The Lakeland Police Department announced at the Nov. 7 City Commision meeting that Sammy Taylor Jr. would be replacing Police Chief Ruben Garcia on Dec. 1.

Miller wins second term on school board

From public school teacher to local small business owner, to parental advocate, Polk County native Lisa Miller served the county for years before running for school board.

Students read letters from Florida prisons

Florida Southern College’s Deskovic Foundation is the only college chapter in the country strictly for undergraduates to shuffle through stacks of mail sent from those incarcerated in Florida prisons. They seek all seek claims to innocence.


Scooby Doo’s Velma comes out as lesbian. It’s about time.

"There is one aspect of the film that audiences will not stop talking about," Nathalie Moreno writes in her opinion. "The ‘coming out’ of original cast member Velma Dinkley as LGBTQ. And frankly, it’s about time.


Lakeland coffee shop owner unites community with books

In July 2021, Christina and Paul Needham achieved their dream of opening an independent coffeeshop and bookstore in downtown Lakeland: Pressed Books & Coffee—leaving a long-lasting impact on the Lakeland community ever since.

SGA, Campus Safety partner in Student Advisory Council

“Safety approached the student government and realized they wanted the voices of the students to be heard more,” Head of SAC Claire Winters said.


‘He’s real’: Gen-Z’s take on U.S. Congressman-elect Maxwell Frost

Floridian Maxwell Frost made history these past midterm elections by becoming the first person of Generation Z to be elected into Congress.

Social media addiction: where does FSC stand?

There are many good aspects about social media, but are the cons of social media outweighing the good?

Theater program puts on Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’

While this play may not be familiar unless you've read it in your high school English class, there is a pretty famous line: “To be or not to be, that is the question.”  

Arts & Entertainment

Theater department performs tale-spinning, prose-filled farce, ‘The Liar’

David Ives’ “The Liar” is a fast-paced farce full of lying, misunderstandings and spanking.

Buckner Theatre performers cast ‘In the Heights’ of Tampa

Buckner Theatre performers Ariana Perera, ‘23, and Isabella Falber, ‘23, took their Broadway aspirations to the next level this summer after landing major roles in the popular Broadway show In The Heights.

Theater program puts on Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’

While this play may not be familiar unless you've read it in your high school English class, there is a pretty famous line: “To be or not to be, that is the question.”  

Inside the ‘Box’: the stars of Florida Southern’s improv comedy troupe

On Friday nights at around 10:30p.m., after the stress of classes and a busy week are over, Florida Southern College students pack the seats of the theater in the Carole and Marcus Weinstein Computer Science building.

FSC theatre and dance’s spring performance ‘Em/Bodied’

The Florida Southern Dance Department held their annual spring performance from March 25-27. This year the title of the performance was “Em/Bodied,” focusing on the conceptualization, embodiment, and expression of various topics and emotions.

Theatre department performs musical ‘Godspell’

Dylan Olive The FSC theatre department is currently performing Godspell, directed by James Beck, head of the Department of Theatre & Dance, and musically directed...


New class inducted to Small College Basketball Hall of Fame

On Friday, Nov. 4, the Polk Theater came to life as the newest class of members in the Small College Basketball Hall of Fame were honored.

Women’s Soccer team wins SSC regular season championship

The women’s soccer team brought home the first Sunshine State Conference regular season championship title in program history.

On Sept. 22, voting on this year’s SGA senate body concluded with 35 members gaining or returning to office out of roughly 70 applicants.