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Sam Odom

There are options for those who are looking for a different way to partake in the Valentine’s Day festivities despite not being in a romantic relationship. These events will be classified under three categories:

Events enjoyed by both single people and those in a romantic relationship, the Galentine’s Day events and the explicitly Anti-Valentines Day events. 

The first category is for those who are indifferent to the prospect of being surrounded by couples at an event and want to appreciate the holiday. On campus, one of these events include SoCo’s “Rose Garden Serenade.

“This event is for anyone who needs a break from school and wants to be reminded of how beautiful and unique they are,” SoCo Membership Chair Abbey Hoffman said. 

Regardless of relationship status, participants are encouraged to stop by Ruth’s Rose garden by Ordway and stroll through the gardens as artists perform. The event starts at 8:00 p.m. 

Downtown Lakeland will also be hosting a “Downtown Date Night on Valentines Day,” starting at 5:00 p.m. The event is for couples, yes, but the event’s description encourages people to “Bring your valentine–or your “galentine”–Downtown for a fun night out, and enjoy Downtown after dark.” 

There will be live music, stores will be open late and participants can buy sweets and flowers from vendors. 

For those wanting to celebrate more than just romantic love on Valentine’s Day, there are Galentine’s Day events. This holiday is on Feb. 13, and it was created and popularized by the popular TV show “Parks and Recreation.” 

Leslie Knope, a character from the show, explains that this is a day where “ladies celebrate ladies” and they leave their husbands and boyfriends at home to eat waffles and bond.   

On campus, Alpha Chi Omega hosted a Galentine’s event available to sisters only. 

According to senior Anna Coffman, her sorority tries to have an event around Valentine’s Day every year that gives members a way to express love to one another. 

“We wanted to have this event to just empower ourselves and each sister to find love within ourselves and with our friends! ,” Coffman said. “ It’s a positive way to show that there isn’t just one type of love on Valentine’s Day.”

There are also other Galentine’s Day events in Lakeland such as Cob & Pen’s “Second Annual Galentine’s Day Party” on Thursday where participants can pay $35 for Rosé, a shirt and chocolate covered strawberries. This event will also later  feature local female owned businesses such as K Scott Jewelry and 5th & Hall. 

The Pink Piano  and Federal Bar will also be hosting their own Galentine’s events on Saturday and Sunday. Galentine’s Day events redirect the romantic love usually celebrated on the holiday, but there are also events that are distinctly Anti-Valentine’s Day.

As reported by the Ledger, Hooters is holding a “Shred Your Ex” event where you can either bring in a photo of your ex and shred it at the restaurant, or you can do so online. Customers who buy ten wings can get another ten free on Friday.  


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