Mady Lauderman

The possible Steak ‘n Shake, which was proposed at Town Hall last semester, has become more definite as a new food option on campus.

Since the announcement, students have wondered where the new venue would be located and how it would affect the current location of the Terrace Cafe, which has been deemed the most likely spot for the new venue.

Director of Food Services Tim Raible  confirmed that since approaching the Steak ‘n Shake franchise,  FSC has made progress in the formation of plans between the school and franchise.

“They look at us as a purveyor and someone that would actually be able to represent the brand,” Raible said.

Raible was optimistic that the school has the potential of signing legal papers sooner, rather than later, but currently, there are still no definite answers.

As per  past articles in the Southern (see that the location of Steak ‘n Shake would be in the Terrace Cafe. However, Mr. Raible was confident that the location of the chain restaurant would  be in the collegiate room that is directly attached to Wynee’s Bistro.

Steak ‘n Shake would be open later than Wynee’s, giving students another late night food option.

Once the approval process is completed, Mr. Raible was confident implementing the franchise could happen rather quickly and potentially be open this upcoming August.

“Dr. Kerr thinks it would be a great improvement,” Raible said.

Not only would students be able to use their meal plans at this franchise, but Raible indicated that food services was currently looking into revisiting meal plans.

“The one negative we always got from the meal plan was students always have to have so many meals in Wynee’s Bistro…We are talking about redoing it so that there’s more opportunity for students to use their meal plan wherever they want to.”

Raible was confident that students, especially upperclassman, would be pleased with the reimagination of the meal plan.

The revamping of the meal plan would not be the only change.

“We’re looking to do a renovation in Wynee’s and we’ve been wanting to expand the Moc Mart,” Raible said.

According to Raible, if steps are taken to place Steak ‘n Shake next to the main dining area of Wynee’s, it would make the most sense to use those same contractors at the same time to renovate the entire area.

Architects have been brought in, but costs and other details on this potential process have not yet been determined.

“Florida Southern was excited to have this opportunity, as Steak ‘n Shake is new to the higher education market, so we would be one of the first schools to join this movement, following Florida State University,” SGA president Natalie Barton said.

One other potential addition currently in the works is the possibility of implementing a Boar’s Head Deli into the Terrace Cafe. The goal of the addition would be to move the fried food options upstairs to Steak ‘n Shake to create better ventilation where the Terrace Cafe is now.

Turning the Terrace Cafe into a deli where sandwiches could be made to order, while still keeping the smoothies from Freshens, would add even more variety to on-campus food options.0

Raible is  open to suggestions and encouraged any students with thoughts or concerns to reach out to him. His office is located in Wynee’s Bistro. He also wants students to be in the know as much as possible and said he’d make sure to give updates on the current events happening within food services.

In addition to contacting Raible directly, SGA holds monthly meetings with Raible that are open to all students and are held the first Wednesday of every month at 5 p.m. in Wynee’s Bistro.



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