Florida Southern College’s 2013 winter commencement ceremony will be held on Dec. 14 with the president and publisher of Florida Trend Magazine as the keynote speaker.

Acccording to tampabay.com, Andrew Corty received his undergraduate degree at Harvard College and his MBA at Stanford University. He oversees Florida Trend Magazine and several other Times Publishing Company affiliates. Corty is also on the board of directors for Times Publishing Company.

“We’re excited to have him come and I think Florida Trend is one of the best magazines for any leader… it’s just a great magazine full of interesting articles,” Dr. Anne Kerr, FSC president, said.

Florida Trend Magazine is known for its articles on business and politics in the twenty significant metropolises around the state. Its website stated that its readership of about 250,000 includes mostly business executives, government officials and civic leaders. Corty has been president and publisher of Florida Trend since October of 2009.

“I always say it’s the last time we have to teach you all before you leave… It’s so important to have luminaries to give that final lesson.  So he [Andrew Corty] has accepted our invitation and I’m very excited about it,” Kerr said.

Many schools do not offer a ceremony for their winter graduates to receive their diplomas; the graduates typically have to come back for the spring ceremony and walk with the rest of the students. Florida Southern College is a school that honors its winter graduates with their own ceremony.

“It’s still a very important time for those students to be able to walk through and get their diplomas… so many of our students are going on to great jobs and things outside of Florida that it would be a hardship for them to come back with their families,” Kerr said.

While there is always a lower number of students graduating in December, winter commencement follows all of the same Florida Southern College traditions as the larger spring commencement ceremony.

“One of our unique Florida Southern traditions: we invite the family of the graduate to stand in the audience as their son or daughter crosses the stage… everyone is so proud and it is just this marvelous celebratory moment for all of us,” Kerr said.

About 150 students will be graduating this winter, 54 of which will be receiving their Master’s degree.