By Morgan Swem

With the number of students attending Florida Southern college rising each year, the number of organizations continue to rise as well.

“Growing up I never wanted diabetes to be part of my future,” President Sydney Johnson said. “Upon coming to college, my friends and sisters were so supportive of me and my diabetes that it pushed me to find something bigger than myself that I could do with this.”

The College Diabetes Network club at Florida Southern currently consists of ten members and three executive board members. Anyone can join the club and there are no dues for joining. All the club asks of you is that you attend.

Since the club is new to campus, right now its main goal is to raise awareness for diabetes and to help, support, and encourage those dealing with the illness. Eventually, the club wants to start having events and fundraisers to help raise awareness and money for those battling diabetes. All the events that they have they plan to donate the money back to non-profits.

Rho Rho Rho (or Tri-Rho, as it is known by students) is another new organization. Tri-Rho is a Marine Biology Honor Society that focuses on the marine environment and conservation efforts.

“Last spring our hard work paid off and we became the third Rho Rho Rho organization in the nation,” president Shelby Cain said.

Anyone is welcome to join the club. Marine Biology Majors are required to have at least a 3.0 GPA to join. It is 35 dollars to join as a full member and only 20 dollars to be an associate. The club asks members to be on one committee focusing on either fundraising, advertising or events. Members must also come to one meeting a semester.

Currently there are three executive board members and 100 students participating in the club. The club plans on holding various fundraisers and events throughout the year.

If you are interested in bringing a club or organization to campus, it may be an arduous process, but a doable one, as displayed by the students interviewed. Student Government requires you to have a faculty advisor, establish members, have at least three executive board members and a constitution or bylaws. Once you have those, you can then bring a proposal to President’s Circle and SGA to hopefully receive approval of the club you’re hoping to bring to campus.


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