Kristen Harris

The FSC ITS Department welcomed students back to campus with a brand new WiFi setup.

The so-called “MocSpot” will replace the multiple hotspots from previous semesters.

The new WiFi setup takes away the need for certi cates or unnecessary hassle. To access the MocSpot, each user must simply connect, insert the password “wireless,” and then give his or her FSC ID number when prompted.

According to ITS Director John Thomas, the goal was to make connecting to the FSC wireless easier with fewer steps for students and eventually reduce to one WiFi name.

“Previously there were multiple WiFi connections available, and students had to choose the appropriate one for their device,” Thomas said. “This combines all of those and lets the system determine the device. It simplifies the authentication process for students so that connecting is easier.”

He also said there are few circumstances in which the new WiFi setup will require student to seek back-end setup from Information Services staff. The MocSpot is easier to use than the previous networks, but it offers the same level of functionality.

“This uses the same security protocol as the ‘FSC Campus Wireless’ without requiring a certificate to be downloaded,” Thomas said.

However, the MocSpot offers no improvement to internet access speed across campus. Antivirus software is also still required to connect.

The other WiFi networks will be faded out as students begin to migrate to the new one. Thomas said each network will be removed when only a few connections remain. This process may last throughout the spring semester.


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