Deanna Wright

Murder mystery game, “Among Us,” skyrocketed in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic.

The online multiplayer murder mystery game which also included cold war hacks was released back in the summer of 2018 by the indie game company InnerSloth. 

This multiplayer game is about teamwork, but be careful who you really trust on board. Based on the 1986 Mafia party game, players are onboard a spaceship and play as astronauts. 

Players and their friends have the option to play online or over a local Wi-Fi to make sure you are put in the same game. The game needs at least four players to play, but can host up to 10 players at a time. 

Depending on how many players there are, at least one will become the alien imposter on board without the others knowing. 

As a team, the crewmates have to finish their task before the imposter kills and sabotages everyone. The more players, the more difficult it is to figure out who the imposter is. 

Some tasks include destroying asteroids coming towards the ship to fix wires in different rooms onboard. 

“I prefer basically any of the short tasks or the visible tasks,” junior Alex Perdue said. “So I can get them done before I get killed and so other crewmates can see I am not the imposter.” 

The game has had an increase in popularity for gamers and others with iOS or an Android. After multiple Twitch streamers and YouTube creators posted videos online about playing the game, there was an influx in popularity. 

“Funny enough it was a decision based more on humor and wanting to understand all the memes and jokes being thrown around on social media and group chats that made me interested in playing,” senior Cameron Webb said. 

Depending on the settings that are set by the host, each player has at least one emergency meeting where players can discuss who they think the imposter is. These meetings also occur when a body is found dead on the spaceship, in which then the players discuss and can vote someone off the ship or skip due to there not being any evidence to who the imposter is. 

“One strategy is seeing who is quiet during the meetings or even someone who’s acting confused is a dead giveaway,” Perdue said. 

The game has been having multiple updates recently due to the large amount of people using the server. This has caused the game to have many players kicked out while playing, and even telling players they can’t join the game due to the large number of people all trying to play at once. 

“Honestly, it gets a bit irritating sometimes because you make friends in some of the games,” freshman Libby Perdue said. “When you get kicked out then you have to join a new game and meet other people.” 

This influx has even caused someone to make a TikTok trend to a song someone created, based on the game. The major word, “sus,” that is used in the game, is said multiple times in the song. 

“‘Sus’ is short for suspicious and ‘imp’ is short for imposter,” Alex Perdue said. “We use these terms just to make the discussions in the meetings faster and simpler.”


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