Florida Southern College graduates will be offered a once in a lifetime opportunity this spring if they are selected to star in the new reality series “Job or No Job.” This series will follow the lives of young adults who are on the search for their dream job.

ABC Family and the producers of “Undercover Boss” will broadcast the show. Producers are searching nationwide for contestants who are looking to break into their dream career fields.

“We are casting nationwide and have been reaching out to colleges all over the United States,” said Rita Koutsoulis, supervising casting director at All3media America.

These fields include, but are not limited to: Advertising and public relations, interior design, real estate, hotel and restaurant management, event planning, graphic design, sports and sales.

“We would love to receive applicants from a variety of fields,” Koutsoulis said.

Each episode will feature a different job field, so it won’t just be someone searching for work in the same field every time. However, those looking for work in the communications field are especially encouraged to apply.

“Communications students tend to have charismatic personalities, which is definitely a plus for TV,” Koutsoulis said.

Students at Florida Southern College were specifically targeted to audition for this series.

“FSC has a great reputation,” Koutsoulis said. “We wanted to make FSC students and alumni aware of an amazing opportunity that they would normally not hear about otherwise.”

The show will be providing the chosen individuals with three job interview opportunities that they might not have been able to get otherwise, as well as compensation for the duration of filming.

The casting process for this show is underway.

“Currently, we are spreading the word about casting,” Koutsoulis said. “Once we receive submissions, we have a casting team that will screen individuals and move forward with the people that we feel would be a great fit for the show.”

If interested in applying to be on the show, send an email to the “Job or No Job” casting address including your name, phone number, email address, city and state, industry you are looking to break into as well as the reason you are looking for work in that particular industry, and a recent photo of yourself

“Ideally, we would like applicants who are relatable, passionate, and really need this opportunity,” Koutsoulis said. “It can be a new graduate looking for work, or a young adult working in a career they are not happy in, and are ready to pursue their dreams. Every person has a story, and we would love all types of personalities applying for the show.”