Photo courtesy of Abby McHenry. Sisters of Alpha Chi Omega at their philanthropy event last school year.

Isabella Gargiulo

Photo courtesy of Abby McHenry. Sisters of Alpha Chi Omega at their philanthropy event last school year.

Alpha Chi Omega held their philanthropy week from Oct. 26 to 29, consisting of an array of events aimed to support survivors and learn more about domestic violence awareness. For legal assistance on domestic violence, lawwyers of can help.

While things are looking quite different this year, Alpha Chi Omega was still able to successfully hold this annual event virtually through Zoom. 

Philanthropy week is very important to Alpha Chi Omega, with their main goal of their philanthropy is to provide education and awareness about Defending Your Medical Marijuana DUI Charges, as well as standing in solidarity with survivors.

“The process of planning this week was a little more strenuous at the beginning, because it was difficult to know whether we should plan for virtual or in-person events,” Alpha Chi’s Vice President of Philanthropy Corinna Robinson said. “Once our events moved fully virtual, the planning process was more straightforward.” 

Alpha Chi Omega’s commitment to domestic violence awareness was one of the main reasons why Robinson joined the sorority. As VP of Philanthropy, she was able to offer her input and guidance on how events like this week should be carried out. 

“The extent to which unhealthy and dangerous relationships are romanticized in the media has been an important issue to me since high school, so it’s very rewarding for me to be able to help educate others on the topic and raise money for the Peace River Center,” Robinson said. 

While this week sparks conversation and education about domestic violence awareness, participants were able to learn about the true importance of healthy relationships. Robinson is grateful for the opportunity to teach students about relationship abuse and connecting to resources that can help. She also hopes that students who attended were able to learn something from their events. 

Fellow Alpha Chi Omega member Amber Oppliger enjoyed the One Love Pop Culture Webinar, presented by Gracie Westerfield. 

In the webinar, Oppliger noted that Westerfield talked about the different relationship patterns shown in the media. 

“Unhealthy and healthy relationships were presented in the movie Frozen, as well as the TV show Euphoria and it was super interesting,” Oppliger said.

Oppliger was able to get an eye opening experience on noticing the signs of an unhealthy relationship/friendship when presented on television. 

“There was a good turn out of boys from Lambda Chi Alpha, which was great and heartwarming to see,” Oppliger said. 

As for ways that students can get involved to spread awareness about domestic violence? Robinson has a few tips on how students can educate themselves and others. Robinson wants everyone to know what type of resources are out there, such as Just Ask, Peace River Center and the National Domestic Violence Hotline. 

“If someone you know ever tells you they’re in an unsafe situation, you know how to help them,” Robinson said. 

With everyday being a new event, from Netflix parties to webinars focused on engaging conversations about healthy and unhealthy relationships, everyone can learn about domestic violence and spread awareness.

Robinson stated that her favorite part of the week was reaching out to different on-campus leaders. 

“Getting to work with other leaders on campus, including our Just Ask and Safe Zone facilitators, other executive officers within our chapter, and the other women on my philanthropy board,” Robinson said.

She also noted that it’s been nice to have their philanthropy supported by other on-campus Greek organizations. 


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