Valeria Sabate

Assistant Sports Editor


The Career Center opened its doors for applications for Career Development Awards.

The Awards are meant to help students who are interested in going at any academic activity outside of Florida Southern College.

“It’s an excellent program. It allows students the opportunity to further their career. If there is any convention or seminar that would help with your career, we are happy to pay you with these awards,” Robin Vansacik, assistant director of career development, said.

Corporate Partners such as Geico, The Ledger Media Group, Auto Owners, TD bank and WellDyne sponsor these awards.

Also, the corporate partners donate $1,000 to the Career Center. It not only supports the career development award, but other activities on campus.

“One of the reasons they stay partners is because the students we refer and develop is paying off by them hiring ready-to-work graduates. They are hiring really good candidates through the whole development process,” Xuchitl Coso, director of the FSC Career Center, said.

Corporations know that FSC students are well prepared. Students who go to the Career Center will know things such as how to sell their skills, interviews and dress correctly.

According to Vansacik, without these sponsors it would not be possible to do the career                                  development award.

The award can cover the academic activity registration, travel expenses and food. The limit of the award is $500.

If the student does not know yet the registration fee they can look up the cost of the flight, hotel and food to build a rough budget to add to the application form.

Any student can apply for the awards.

Once students have applied, the corporate partners review the applications. There is a score sheet and rank. According to Vansacik it is a very competitive process.

The Career Center will let the student know if they received the award or if they did not so they can try next time.

It is one-time eligibility– students will receive only one career development award during their academic career.

“You must have itemized receipts so that everything that you get you turn it in and a summary at the end of your experience,” Vansacik said.

This is the third year that the Career Center offers the program. So far, students have been able to attend to the academic activities earning knowledge, networking and getting advice from professionals.

“It’s a great experience, the opportunity to have this, being able to go to a conference that is going to advance you career, and I don’t think all the students are aware regardless of reminding people or putting it out on e-mail,” Vansacik said.

Advancing your career is not only one of the advantages of going to conventions or seminars, but it is also the chance to network, meet other students and create connections.

“So many times having that personal connection with someone could be what helps you find a job,”       Vansacik said.

The deadline for the applications to be submitted is Sept. 19.

For more information about the requirements and how to apply, go to the Career Center and ask for the application form or go online.