The Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business will send a visit team this March to review Florida Southern College.

FSC is currently in the final process of the accreditation. The school should know by summer if the school gets the accreditation of the association according to Kyle Fedler, provost at FSC.

The school accreditation is the “most difficult and most prestigious” in the words of Fedler. According to Fedler only 15 percent of the schools in the United States have this accreditation and 5 percent worldwide have it.

“This accreditation would be very valuable, especially for an international student,” Peter Hanus, a business major said.

The school has been working in getting this accreditation for the last two years.

Several things are required for the accreditation, but for now the school will not need to increase the number of faculty members in the business department.

“To reach the standards for this accreditation and also to improve the program, we have to have 19 faculty members,” Fedler said.

The center for free enterprise will support scholarships of study research that students and faculty do and speakers on campus and programs. Also, it will provide a new major in free enterprise in capitalism and free market

that will probably be launched next year, according to Fedler

“As we go after better and better students, we need to have the academic facilities and faculty to support that,” Fedler said.

Robert Stern, dean of Yale school of architecture, will have the new business building ready in approximately two years. It is going to be the biggest building on campus.

Currently, workmen and architects are working on the outside aspect of the building and cleaning up some of the areas of the construction.

The faculty offices and classrooms will be in the same floor, allowing interaction between them. There will be individual and group study spaces, as well as a trading room that will simulate a stock room in a corporation.

Stern is a “great admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright,” and it is believed that students will appreciate its influence in the architecture.

According to Fedler, Stern used the same techniques with Nicholas, Wesley and the Christoverson building.

“They are a modern approach, very crisp lines, bringing the outside to the in,” Fedler said.


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