Andrew Pawling

In the fall of 2017 Florida Southern Athletics introduced a beach volleyball team to its varsity roster. After finishing 5-18 in their inaugural season, the Mocs are looking to build a winning program in year two.

“We are definitely more prepared than last year,” head coach Hyrum Keime said. “Last season was an unknown for a lot of stuff and now we know what it takes to be successful and we have bench-marks that we are looking to reach to be competitive.”

Out of the 16 players on their online roster, the Mocs have seven returners and nine newcomers to the program, including seven freshmen. The transition to FSC has been seamless for this year’s newcomers.

“My transition has been fairly smooth into college level volleyball” freshman Haley Goodrich said. “It does take up a lot of my time, but the return is super rewarding.”

Part of what made the transition so easy for many of the freshman was the support and comradery they received from the returners.

“The best part of being a Sandy Moc is always having someone there” senior Morgan Cleary said. “Whether it’s needing a caf date, needing a study buddy, or just need someone to talk to, having a team to support you and making life- long friends… well nothing beats it. I know I can always count on them to have my back.”

Cleary added that the team didn’t have a lot of beach experience last year, as many were in the process of transitioning to the sand following careers on the court in indoor volleyball.

“We have more beach experience, we understand the rules better and are becoming smarter about the game of beach volleyball, I’m expecting even more growth from every player, along with more wins,” Cleary said.

Goodrich expects the team to legitimately compete for a championship run in April, and notes that the pairs of partners seem to be working well off each other’s strengths in practice.

The Mocs open their season in Boca Raton at the Florida Atlantic University Tournament on Feb. 22 and 23.



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