Sophia Gonzalez

Florida Southern College’s Black Student Union invited the student body to join its first official meeting of the semester. 

On Sept. 13, BSU informed members about some of the upcoming projects and events that the organization has planned for the semester.  

BSU plans on partnering with different organizations, such as the Multicultural Student Center, in order to promote education on the experiences of different cultures, including the experiences of Black people and people of color. 

The Union is collaborating with FSC Film program and film professor, Matthew Herbertz, to create a YouTube series called The College Perspective. 

“This semester we will be discussing topics like gatekeeping, the BLM movement, and what does it mean to be ‘Black,’” BSU’s Instagram post said. 

They are currently looking for volunteers to participate in the video series. Anyone who is interested should visit BSU’s Instagram page @fscbsu and scan their QR code to sign their volunteer form.   

 Throughout the meeting, the BSU officers discussed their roles within the organization and highlighted the importance of creating a community of inclusivity and togetherness where all the members can feel included.

“I will create a good relationship with all of you,” Vice President Tamara Shivaliea said. “I want to work hand in hand with you guys, pretty much get to know you guys on a personal level.”

They are also working towards increasing leadership and job opportunities for its members by announcing different job and volunteering opportunities available in Lakeland and by giving members the opportunity to run for leadership positions in the future. 

BSU’s status as an official SGA-backed organization will be determined during the President’s Circle meeting on Sept. 24. If they are approved, BSU plans on sending applications which will be used to collect a $25 yearly fee, that will help cover for the cost of BSU t-shirts.

Rashida Blair, who is the co-candidate coordinator, announced different designs that she created for BSU’s potential logo, one of which will also be used to make t-shirts. 

Some events to look forward to include, MSC’s “Listening Party” on Nov. 10, a BSU hosted watch party on election night and a “Rush Hour” screening event. 

They are planning on having a virtual set-up so that remote students can also participate in their events.

 If BSU is approved through SGA, they will then post their official event dates on Engage. 



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