David Tomchinsky

Staff Writer


Over the summer, the Florida Southern College communication department received a renovation in its broadcast studio.

The studio now comes equipped with a new set design, lighting, and new master control.

Communication Professor William Allen noticed that the department needed up-to-date technology and a new design in its studio. He began to figure out the best way to propose his idea to the college.

“Proposal writing is key to moving any initiative forward,” Allen said. “It involved a great deal of research, listening to my colleagues, exploring technological advances, and consulting with a network of industry professionals.”

Allen proposed his idea to the department and later passed it on to Provost Dr. Kyle Fedler. After proposing his idea, Allen received the news that his idea had been approved.

Throughout the proposal process, Allen focused on the main purpose of the renovation.

“The idea of the studio renovation revolves around relevancy and creativity,” Allen said. “Both are needed to distribute meaningful messaging.”

The studio design backdrop characterizes Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture, which can be seen throughout the FSC campus. Allen worked with contractor Charlie Swedberg to design the new studio set.

“My overall vision was communicated to Charlie,” Allen said. “It was fun to hear him pull together visual cues from the campus and weave them into the set design.”

Along with the new design, the studio includes a flat screen TV used for graphics, movable tables and a new master control called TriCaster.

TriCaster is a live production switcher board used for broadcasting things such as a news show.

The communication department produces multiple news segments including FSC Today, Southern Sports and Go Healthy FSC.

Students who have worked in the old studio are excited about the renovation and new set up. Senior communication student Victoria Garren feels that the studio will now give students a variety of possibilities for their productions.

“Now we can have different sets,” Garren said. “We have so many new things like the table, the TV and the backlights. We can move things around in the studio and make every show look different.”

The renovated studio opens up opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in a modern-day news station.

Communication student Rachel Belli believes the studio will get students excited about being involved in the different productions.

“I think that we will have much more involvement because of the new studio,” Belli said. “It’s easier to get everyone excited when there is something to show. We just want to get everything up and working, and keep updating throughout the year so we can have the strongest department possible.”

Communication students and professors are enjoying the new studio. They believe it is a great addition to the department.

“The studio definitely helps us put our work out there,” Garren said. “We have so much talent in our department, and the studio puts us on par with bigger organizations and lets our students stand out.”



Photo by Leah Schwarting