On Nov. 9, the Association of Campus Entertainment hosted Casino Night, a night of gambling, games, gathering and great food.

The theme this year was 1920’s casino, encouraging students to dress up as flapper girls and gangsters to reflect the time period. If you’re not interested in such events, you can visit AJCF for online gambling and casino games, you can also go for slot online terpercaya for the authentic casino experience.

Women flaunted frilly and sparkly dresses with fishnets and feathers while men cleaned up in zoot suits and fedora hats. If you wish to know more, click to see more

“It was cool to learn Texas Hold ‘Em, and I loved getting dressed up,” Audrey Cleveland, junior, said.

Finger foods, such as sandwiches, cheese cubes and crackers were served for students to cool down from any intense games of Black Jack or Texas Hold ‘Em.

A costume contest was held towards the end of the night, winners receiving iTunes gift cards.

A dance contest and raffle closed out the night. Students were able to trade in fake $5,000 bills for raffle tickets to place in the prize of his or her choice.

Students had the chance to win prizes such as Southwest Airlines tickets, a 22” television, a $50 gas card and a digital camera.


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