Clay Chapman won pitcher of the week for the second time this season.

He said that he would not have earned it without the support of his family, friends and teammates.

“It is a great achievement. It shows what I have been doing is working,” Chapman said.

Preparation during the week, throwing with your partners and working on every aspect of the game that the athlete can is what it takes to be recognized by the conference.

“To me, baseball is such a team game and without them I can’t get pitcher of the week. I have the two defenses behind me helping me all the time, all my pitchers and fellow pitchers that help me throughout the game,” Chapman said.

What Chapman enjoys more about baseball is the chemistry that his team has, the times at the locker room and all the hidden things that most people do not know about the team that makes for fun times.

“Our team has great chemistry and I think it is going to take us all the way,” Chapman said.

This year the baseball team has new members, but to Chapman that is not an issue to create that chemistry.

“Just a bunch of guys getting together and knowing that we all have one objective and one dream that is winning National Championship and bring Nationals to Florida Southern,” Chapman said.

Chapman believes that the baseball team is able to make it to Nationals.

“My family is very supportive,” Chapman said.

Chapman said that his father has the same dream as him, which is become a professional baseball player as well.

“I have my uncles and aunts that come to watch me all the games,” Chapman said.

Chapman wants to see how far he can go. He graduates this semester.

“I want to see how far I can go with baseball and after that if it doesn’t work out fall back on my degree,” Chapman said.

Professional team representatives come and watch the players and get a list of each of the members in the team that their organizations want to look at and scores with an evaluation chart and sends it to the organization.

According to Chapman that process already went through and the drafts will come out in June.

“I have been contacted by a few teams and they seem to like me so I think I have a good shot,” Chapman said.

Chapman has been working hard to be a great player and he does not feel like giving up.

“The adrenaline, the love for the game and this drive, everything that I have been working for my whole life, so why give up?” Chapman said.

To Chapman baseball is a mental game and failures come across a lot.

“The key is to don’t be afraid to fail. Strive for harder and strive for more, keep following the dreams. If someone is telling you ‘you can do it’ and eventually it’s going to get in your head that you can,” Chapman said.


Photo courtesy of Sports Information