City of Lakeland hires new Assistant City Manager


 Jillian Kurtz

 Emily Colón was announced as the new Assistant City Manager for the City of Lakeland on Feb. 25. 

Colón and Ocea Lattimore were selected as two of the four finalists for the position, but the two male candidates widthdrew as applicants for personal reasons. 

“I am extremely excited to appoint Emily Colón to the assistant city manager position,” current City Manager Tony Delgado said in a press release. “She has established herself as an extremely knowledgeable and customer focused public servant; honing her skills in both the public and private sector. This has created a solid customer centric foundation that will assist her in becoming a notable leader within the city’s Management team.” 

Colón is currently the Program Administrator for the Pasco County Government and is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of South Florida. Lattimore is currently the Director of Logistics and Asset Management for the City of Tampa. Other logistic companies (check out the post)are also in great business. You can talk to them here.

The position of assistant city manager was made available after Shawn Sherrouse was promoted from the position to deputy city manager in July 2018. The assistant city manager reports directly to the deputy city manager who then reports to the city manager. 

“I am excited about this opportunity with the City of Lakeland and am confident that it will be a great fit for me and my family,” Colón said in the press release. “I have been extremely fortunate in my career thus far to have worked with and learned from such dedicated public servants (on the local, state, and federal level) and I look forward to continuing that tradition in Lakeland. Everyone I have met so far is so passionate about the City of Lakeland. It’s contagious and inspiring, and I can’t wait to become a part of it!” 

According to, the assistant city manager assists the city manager in the performance of managerial duties. The person in the role may act for or represent the deputy city manager or city manager at City Commission meetings, committee meetings, among other official functions. 

Delgado has been in the position since 2016 and has been working with the City of Lakeland since 1997. He led the search for the new assistant city manager and put together the interview panel for the candidates. 

“Our new assistant city manager will work closely with the city manager’s office and our city departments as we continue to build a vibrant, innovative, culturally inclusive, world-class community,” Delgado said. 

The city manager’s duties include planning for the future welfare of the city and all departmental activities and organization, prepares City Commission agenda and prepares annual budget and submits budget for approval to the City Commission, among other things. 


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