By W James

While there are a variety of on-campus events constantly occurring at Florida Southern College, many students remain confused about where to find and access information about these campus events.

Collectively, most students find out about the events scheduled on campus through the weekly student and parent newsletters. The student newsletter is sent via email to the student body each Mondays and the parent newsletter, published by the Student Solutions Center,  is arrives in parent inboxes on the corresponding Friday of each week.

“It’s a combination of information from a variety of resources on campus.  Certainly, there’s information from the Center for Student Involvement and I also have the athletic calendar, the academic calendar, and the faculty academic life announcements,” Shari Szabo, Associate Dean of Student Success said.

Szabo is responsible of compiling and disseminating these newsletters.

While the newsletter is the go-to source for students, there are other on campus resources that students use to gain information about what’s happening on campus.

“I use the emails and posters. To put things in perspective, if there are five things are happening on campus I would know three of them,” Hailey Lough said.

Unlike emails, students have a very hard time missing the posters that are scattered around campus. These posters advertising upcoming events the school is hosting are commonly found in TuTu’s, Residence halls, and on hallways across campus.

Although it is evident that there are events happening on campus and that the school is promoting these events, students remain adamant that the posters and emails are not enough and believe that the school could improve on communications for the students.

“I think [communications from the school] could definitely be better,” student Kara Virtue said.

“The school could get a little more hyped about what’s happening on campus,” Lough said.

Although most residential students frequently rely on their Residence Assistant for information, some students believe that their RA may not be the best source for information.

“I would say I know more than the average student, but I don’t know it for as long as you would think I would. I know it very suddenly, like if something is happening I know it that day,” Austin Crotteau, a Resident Assistant at Florida Southern, said.

The Residence Assistants get their information, albeit suddenly, from their Community Director.

“I get all my information from my Community Director. Which is kind of the boss of Barnett and then they usually get their information from people like Allison Manning and Marc Tuschen,” Crotteu said.

Further information regarding on-campus events can be accessed on FSC’s website,, on the Portal, and through various student information departments on campus.


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