Shay Johnston

Staff Writer

Those majoring in computer science will face new changes to kick-off the 2016-2017 school year. Between departmental relocation and new faculty members added to the team, the program has been rebooted for the students’ benefit.

To begin with, the Computer Science Department has relocated from the Polk County Science Building into the newly remodeled Jack M. Berry Science Building located off of Mr. George’s Green. Updates to the Jack M. Berry Science Building include knocking down walls and raising new ones, laying tile, repainting and adding a modern lounge with spacious seating and a flat screen TV. New equipment has also been added into the equation that includes new computers and rolling desks with built-in electrical outlets. Some students remained over the summer to help faculty with the relocation.

In addition, new faculty members have joined the computer science team. Dr. Malladi and Dr. Roberson increased the professor count from two to three following Dr. Henderson’s retirement last semester. The professors have also moved their offices into the Jack M. Berry Science Building as part of the relocation.

New curriculum changes are likely on the horizon for the Department in the near future. Recently, professors have asked students what additional classes and outside activities they might be interested in participating in at FSC. Along with Dr. Malladi’s effort to create a cyber security club, there has been talk of a ‘Capture the Flag’ competition at the end of the year that would include computer science activities such as hacking and coding.

“We’re all enjoying the changes because we went from sharing a very old building with three different majors to a beautiful building with new additions,” Veronica Fuhrmann, a sophomore in computer science, said. “The new professors are very intelligent and we’re happy to have them.”

A new computer science classroom inside the Jack M. Berry Science Building. Photo by Emily Cadenhead.

In an effort to drive traffic and open the wall of communication between professors and students, Dr. Roberson, advisor of the Computer Science Club, has decided to host ‘bring-your-own-lunches’ on occasion. These sessions will include board games so that more students will come and discover what the Jack M. Berry Science Building has to offer.