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As the Lady Moc’s Womans golf spring season soon comes to a close, Robbie Davis ends his 17th year of head coach for this four time national championship team.

Coach Davis has played golf throughout his life, including high school, college, and professionally and he had a passion for coaching, so he knew FSC was a great fit for him, stated Davis.

“I have been coaching for a very long time, and winning the national championship in 2007 was definitely a special moment. We beat top the top team that year, Rollins, and that was a huge accomplishment for everyone,” Davis said.

According to Davis he enjoys coaching girls because he loves to see how they improve every year, how they grow as players and as a team, but also how they handle themselves on the golf course.

He has had many players over the years, but his best player he believes was MJ Audette because she had the skills of shot making, short game, and she was the toughest mentally he has ever coached, stated Davis.

“Coach has helped me grow as a player. He has helped me take the positives out of even the worst situations. He always has our best interest in mind and its great having a coach that loves what he does.” Junior Kit Creighton said.

Davis has always tried to help improve every-ones game by playing or practicing with them as much as possible during the season, the team stated.

The team goes to about six regular tournaments, and potentially three post season tournaments and Coach Davis is there with them through it all, building their confidence and helping them to improve their game after every tournament, according to the team.

“I believe when recruiting players that their score is very important, but also I look at how they handle themselves on and off the course when things are going good or bad,” Davis said.

According to freshman Kolby McWilliams, Coach Davis has helped her throughout her first year in boosting her confidence and talking to her about her potential and strengths and weaknesses.

The team stated they love having a coach around that always has their best interest in mind and that he is always there for them when they need any kind of encouragement.

Davis said he is looking forward to continuing to coach this group of girls and hopefully help them towards earning another national championship.