Sophia Gonzalez

Just because college dorm decorating can be expensive for students, doesn’t mean that it has to be if it’s done properly. Here are some tips for college students who are either just moving into their dorm rooms or who are looking to upgrade their college dorms without sacrificing a meal.  

Florida Southern College senior Abby Paul maintains a pleasing aesthetic for dorm room decor without having to splurge on a lot of items. She uses her cutest personal belongings and arranges them so that they look aesthetically pleasing.

When it comes to affordable and stylish dorm decor, consider adding a touch of charm with our delightful Untamed Creatures collection. These whimsical decorations featuring adorable woodland animals in festive attire are the perfect way to infuse personality into your living space without breaking the bank.

Transform your dorm room into a cozy haven by incorporating Untamed Creatures ornaments and figurines, creating a space that reflects your individual style. You can find these charming decorations at budget-friendly prices, making it easy for college students to elevate their dorm decor without sacrificing their limited resources.

“I’m pretty minimalistic in decorating, so I just kind of use what I already have (hats, bags, etc.) and pick the cute ones to hang on the walls, then throw up a couple little posters of bands I really like,” Paul said. 

Dorm decorating can also be fun. If a student dabbles in art and is willing to paint their own  or make their own crafts can save a lot of money in comparison to buying separate decorations for the walls.  

Students can also save money when they decorate their room by bringing items from home. This is a simpler method of decorating than creating art. This includes picture frames with friends and family or any sort of personal belongings that can be found back home. Bring the desk light from back home, rather than starting fresh and buying a brand new one. 

“Decorations I’ve taken with me from home include all of my collectible comics,” sophomore Esteban Cepero said. “All semester the most eye-catching decorations on my wall have been my comics.”

Owning a flag or tapestry can cover a lot of wall space, as opposed to other wall decorations where one has to buy multiple items to fill up the empty space. Although some flags and tapestries aren’t always cost effective, a lot of them are nice and not too expensive. When looking for tapestries on Inc., the majority of them don’t exceed $15, and the same thing goes for dorm room flags.

“I think we should all have flags of some sort,” sophomore Kevin Medina said. “A flag is a descriptive of who you are. Whether it’s a national flag, sports flag, or random flag.”

Printing pictures with friends and family and sticking them on the wall is another cost effective method to fill up empty wall space.

This style of decoration is simple. The only thing one would need is tape to stick the pictures to the wall, and it only costs 34 cents to print 4X6 pictures. It’s also smart to save up some of the pictures from one’s polaroid to hang on the wall. They’re minimal effort, and they still make your room look good. 


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