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On Nov. 12 , The Walt Disney Company released Disney+, a streaming site with content from Disney Classics to the Marvel films. 

Screenshot by Jillian Kurtz — When signing up for Disney Plus, Kurtz received an error message after logging in, being unable to stream content.

According to Hollywood Reporter, users experienced technical difficulties when logging in and streaming.

Also featured will be some exclusive TV shows, including The Mandolarian, a Star Wars series that will serve as a sequel to Return of the Jedi and has a budget of $15 million per episode, as well as some Avengers spin-offs.

Upcoming big movies will be released in theaters as usual, then added to the streaming service later; Disney has no plans to release big-budget movies such as Star Wars films directly onto the site, but some smaller scale movies such as the live-action Lady and the Tramp will be. 

One con of the release of Disney+ is the removal of Disney’s movies from Netflix. Netflix has featured quite a few Disney movies, including classics such as Tarzan and Hercules as well as newer movies such as Coco and Incredibles 2. Once Disney+ is available, these will slowly be removed from other platforms, leaving Disney+ the only streaming site with Disney pictures available. 

“With big guys like Disney, Apple, and HBO expanding their streaming services . . . Netflix should be worried,” senior Arjeet Tipirneni said. 

Many believe Disney+ to be an extremely smart business move, and the natural next step in Disney’s conquering of the film world.

The upside of Disney+ is that all of Disney’s movies and shows will be available on and organized into one site. While Netflix had many Disney movies, many were only available on DVD, which can be inconvenient now that DVDs are becoming less accessible. 

“At first I was annoyed and thought it seemed super stingy, but now I like it because people can actually see what they want,” junior Alexis Gettemy said. 

The low availability of many Disney movies has been a common complaint for years, and this platform may be a great solution.

In the U.S., Disney+ will be $7 per month, or $70 per year. D23 club members also have the option of purchasing a 3-year subscription, which will be a reduced price of $3.92 per month. Disney has also taken advantage of its ownership of Hulu and ESPN+ to offer a triple bundle; all three services can be bought for $13 per month. 

To compare, Netflix’s basic plan is $13 per month, but only allows members to stream on two screens at once and does not have 4K HD. Disney+ allows four screens to stream at any time, and offers 4K HD at no additional cost. In addition, Hulu may soon have even more content available than it does currently; the CEO of Disney said they may begin premiering FX programs on Hulu before moving them to the FX channel. 



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