By Allison O’Connor

After a long day of classes, I head back to my room and open my laptop. My first click is to Netflix followed by a click on my most recent show, How I Met Your Mother.

I was a little behind the bandwagon with this show but now I’m completely hooked. I am absolutely obsessed with the series and am just about done with Season Nine. When it was still on TV, I had caught a couple of episodes but had not thought about watching the whole series until I needed a new show to watch on Netflix.

Although it captures over a decade of friendship, I like to look at the characters and see how much they change throughout the seasons. It shows how the writers thought out these people and knew how their lives would play out in New York City.

Starting with Ted. Now, Ted is the lovable guy who is just trying to find “The One” in a city of a million people. Now, to the hopeless romantic side of me, I was all for Ted finding his soulmate. But the realistic side of me thought, “It’s a city of a million people, there is no way.”

But, as the show is all about him telling his kids how he and his wife met, the audience has a feeling Ted finds his soulmate. What the audience does not know is how many women Ted must meet before he ever meets her.

Moving onto Robin, one of my favorite characters. Robin is the ultimate paradox, with one side growing up as teenage Canadian pop star Robin Sparkles and another side growing up as basically a son to her father, who never accepted her as a daughter until she and Barny get engaged (spoiler).

Robin is the underdog in her work as a journalist and I believe that is what makes her so loved by the audience. With her feelings for Ted not dealt with and her scotch drinking Canadian background, many fall for Robin as the best friend who gets the unexpected guy.

Now, the wildcard in the show. Barny is the most unlikely friend in the group due to his constant urge to “land” women and to accept any challenge thrown his way. He is the friend that stands out in the group and makes him the unpredictable one when it comes to the love triangle between him, Ted, and Robin.

Being a viewer, I have mixed emotions about Barny due to his obvious feelings for Robin but him covering it up. But, everyone loves Barny’s ridiculous plays from “The Playbook” and lessons from “The Bro Code” that gives him the comedic element in the show.

Finally moving onto Marshall and Lily. Now, I would talk about them separately but as most of the viewers know, they are basically never without each other.

Now, Marshall and Lily are the couple everyone aspires to be but what puzzles me is how they can always take trips to visit Marshall’s family or go on nice vacations. Where does the money come from? I only ask this question because when Marshall went to work at the environmental firm, they made a big deal about how Marshall made more at GNB,

But they are the one true pair every viewer wishes they could be. How I Met Your Mother if full of twists, turns, and some slow episodes but promises to make viewers laugh, cry, and fall in love with characters. Ten out of ten would recommend to anyone who has not seen the whole series and to anyone who has and is debating watching it again.


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