Downtown Diner is the newest spot to enjoy breakfast in Lakeland.

Stopping for breakfast inside Downtown Lakeland’s new “Downtown Diner,” is like walking into one of your favorite movies.

It’s where everyone knows everyone in town, and the restaurant’s cozy atmosphere automatically transforms you into one of their regulars.

Conveniently sitting on the corner of 126 W. Main St. and S. Missouri Ave., the Downtown Diner is a spot you’ve likely passed by hundreds of times without even noticing.

The place is somewhat small and colorfully painted in bright green and orange.

The restaurant’s décor certainly is not a reason to make you want to stop in and eat, but the delicious smell of baked biscuits and eggs sizzling on the grill will.

Menu selections offered are all home-cooked style, comparable to a place like Cracker Barrel: however, it is far more authentic.

For breakfast, choices include egg and bacon combo meals, breakfast sandwiches, omelets and breakfast platters.

Everything is very reasonably priced, so you’re guaranteed to get a lot for your money.

An omelet plate with side and drink costs about $7.

The Downtown Diner is open from 7 a.m.-2 p.m., so lunch is also served.

Specials are listed daily on a posted whiteboard, as well as onto a slip found in the menu.

Sandwiches and burgers are popular, although, feel good foods such as macaroni and cheese or meatloaf are a must.

The owner also has a restaurant, Harry’s on Ingraham Ave., which serves similar food. However, the two restaurants are quite different inside and outside, according to store owner Michele DeMichele.

“We wanted to cater to a different cliental of people, The Diner is located in a busy area right between several business parks,” DeMichele said.

After opening in June, business has been great so far for the Downtown Diner.

DeMichele hopes to keep serving up good food. For her and her staff, food is their passion and the main reason for opening the second restaurant.

“The atmosphere is so different between the two places, I love going to both,” DeMichele said. “We put so much work into both, especially this one, so I’ll probably be staying here a little while longer until we really get started up.”

She looks forward to when residents from upstate come home to Florida for the winter.

“This is the slower season right now, so business will really be picking up soon between now and October,” DeMichele said.

DeMichele is optimistic and excited for the Downtown Diner’s future. She really hopes that it will quickly become a go-to spot for breakfast in Downtown Lakeland.

“It’s a really unique place. The locals already seem to love it,” DeMichele said. “I like to come in every day and see familiar faces.”