By Luis Ruiz

“Four “friends” or two couples who go to a cabin for the weekend come back dazed and confused.

Drinking buddies is rated 1.5 stars out of five. The cast are not small time actors either. With the likes of Olivia Wilde, Anna Kendrick, Jake Johnson, and Jason Sudeikis I was picturing a decent film.

It was not even a decent movie.

It was about two best friends who work together, and they each have a girlfriend or boyfriend. However, throughout the movie it seems they have feelings for each other.

While their significant others have feelings for one another as well. That is not the case though.

The movie had potential of being a decent film, but it took a completely different turn. Perhaps that was the whole point, but it did not work out.

It put a weird spin on the movie and the end product was a 4/10 for me.

The director, Joe Swanberg, was going for a “day in the life…” but nothing exciting or worth getting on the edge of your seat happened. The dialogue and the acting made me feel uncomfortable.

The camera shots, the many, many wide shots all felt like a low-budget movie, and the result was a low-quality movie.

No disrespect as Jason Sudeikis is from my hometown, but the acting seemed improvised. I found out after watching the movie that the dialogue indeed was improvised.It did not do the actors any justice. Jake Johnson, who stars on a hit TV show, New Girl, was subpar and repetitive. Olivia Wilde, who has been on the rise for a couple years stays on the same level after this movie.

The dialogue was improvised, but it was still bland and boring. The actors themselves just didn’t seem that into the movie.

From the beginning it felt like you walked in on a movie

that was half over. No plot, no meaning, no story line.

I am a big fan of movies and have so many, and it is hard for me to find a bad movie. I can truthfully say that this movie is one.

On IMDb it shows it only made $19,505 on opening weekend and $342,936 overall.

Drinking Buddies, was not what I expected at all. I expected it to be about four best friends who go out and drinbut have a problem. That was not the case.

However, one positive about the movie was that I was left wondering if the two best friends would leave their significant other and end up being together.

They did not end up together. In fact, they get into a fight. The last shot of the movie is them making up and laughing.

Overall, the movie was a bust for me. Good actors, but bad acting. I would not recommend this movie to anybody.


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