Abbey Williams , Staff Writer

The women’s golf team played their second tournament of the season in Daytona at the Lady Falcon Invitational last week where senior Shannon Mckew came out on top in both tournaments for the Lady Mocs.

Mckew finished in the top 20 in the first tournament in North Carolina, shooting a consistent 77-83-76 for the Mocs. She then finished fifth in the Lady Falcon Invitational, shooting an even par 72 the first round which was tied for the lead going into the second round.

Mckew was a walk on originally and decided to redshirt her freshman year. She then pushed herself for the next three years to make her way into the top five her senior year.

“It feels great knowing that I am finally seeing my potential and all my hard working is finally paying off for the past three years,” Mckew said.

Mckew finished her first tournament having career rounds, but then played in the second tournament this season to yet again break her career record.

According to the team, teammates have always looked up to Mckew for her hard work, but it was these past few weeks of seeing her success that really has stood out for them.

“After seeing Shannon’s success this past week, it has really motivated me to put in more practice than usual for our next tournament. I believe that if everyone worked as hard as Shannon, there would be no way our team would not be successful,” sophomore Kolby McWilliams said.

McWilliams added that Mckew’s strongest contribution to the team is her motivational spirit. Not only does she work hard at the golf course, she works hard at motivating her team to have trust in themselves and their game.

McWilliams hopes that when she is a captain, she will be to have the same fun-loving attitude and motiving characteristic as Mckew.

Mckew’s goal this season is to consistently break 80 and stay in the top five. She is working on improving hitting more greens and cleaning up her short game.

“I am most looking forward to PGA National because the course really fits my eye well. We will be competing against the best teams in our conference and it will be a good test to see where we need to improve to make it to the national championship,” Mckew said.

The team has come in 13 and third places their first two tournaments, where Mckew played in the final pairing for both tournaments.

The Lady Mocs have two more tournaments left in the fall season; one in West Palm Beach where only the top five and one individual will play and one in Dade City at Lake Jovita where the entire team will compete.


Editor’s Note: This article was written Abbey Williams, a member of the womens’ golf team and communications major. 

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