In April of this year, the Southern reported on the Creative Space above the laundry and mail rooms in the Lake Hollingsworth Apartments. 

At the time, Jillian Kurtz wrote that “students can apply for general swipe access and will have to be approved by staff. When a private session is not booked, all students with appropriate permissions can come during operating hours.”

Since then, a swipe has not been installed at the Creative Space, but rather, it may be opened by one of three keys after an email is sent to administrators requesting use of the rooms, according to a student we spoke with about it. 

Also last year, the College worked through the MocSync system, where the “Rules and Regulations of the Creative Space” were available for students to read. To date, that document is not available to students on the Engage portal, though the Creative Space has its own page there.

Because of the College’s longstanding reputation of fulfilling its commitment to growth and (for the most part) accessibility on campus, we believe that the intent in this delay is not malicious. However, we claim that it does mean that our reporting on the area as an “outlet for students to utilize not only in school work but also in their free time” and as a place “on campus that allow[s] students to find resources to do what they love” continues to be negated. 

We at the Southern regret that according to the current state of the Creative Space, our reporting was false. We hope that within the next couple of months, or over an upcoming break, the claims that were made to students may find their truth.


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