Enactus’s most recent ambition is to display to the public a technology that provides special recourses for hearing disabilities called the looping system.

Enactus is a non-profit, student-led global organization whose mission is to enable progress through entrepreneurial action.

Its aim is to find needs in the community and make a project out of assisting those needs, whether it be with a business or an individual person.

“We do service projects to try and really change people’s lives and make them sustainable,” Lexi Gauslow, president of Enactus, said.

Marketing for businesses that create products to facilitate people’s needs is one facet of Enactus’s mission.

Their current project, called Loop Florida, is associated with the Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center and the looping system, which helps enhance the function of hearing aids.

The team working on this particular task includes Gauslow, along with Daniel Diekneite, Gavin Lis, Juan Martinez and Yue Chen.

“The loop system is a technology that helps people with hearing aids get past the issues that hearing aids usually have, which is picking up background noises at the same level that people speak to you,” Gauslow said.

Enactus is assisting in promoting the looping system so as to acquire more costumers for the product.

Looping turns hearing aids into direct sound receivers by sending a signal from a microphone through a wire that surrounds a specific area.

“It’s the size of a headphone wire and is looped around a certain area. At the end of each wire point it is plugged into a small device which amplifies the frequency of every single sound within that closed circle,” Chen said.

These signals are then sent wirelessly to the hearing aid, which vastly improves incoming sound.

Enactus’s promotional campaign is to display to the community the effectiveness and affordability of this new hearing device.

An example of the organization’s marketing campaign for the Central Florida Speech and Hearing center is a publicity stunt video demonstrating the loop system, which comes out Dec. 6.

“No one knows about it, but they already have it in three Publixes,” Gauslow said.

According to Chen, loop systems are also appearing in many churches.

Not only does Enactus help promote the Speech and Hearing Center’s products, but it also allows the company itself to become more of a self-funding organization.

While helping people with disabilities is certainly rewarding for the community, it also procures many benefits for the members of Enactus.

“We work with profit and nonprofit, so you really form a lot of connections,” Gauslow said.

According to Chen, Enactus has helped him learn more about different impairments and needs in the community he never saw before.

“Affecting other people’s lives in a more positive way is really life changing,” Chen said.