Evan Quinones: On the path to greatness

Ryan Parry, Staff Writer

Since the start of the season, Sophomore track runner, Evan Quinones has set two school records in both the 1500m and the 800m runs, and is currently ranked fifth in the nation in the 1500 meter-race.

Recently, he has ran two NCAA provisional qualifying times. One was at the University of North Florida, where he ran a 3:51.25. A week later, Quinones would beat that time by posting a 3:50.03 at the Florida Relays, which gave him 30th place the race and second among Division II athletes.

With his recent performances, Quinones is feeling positive about his chances at making nationals this season.

“I’m feeling pretty confident right now, I know I could’ve done better in my last race and feel that there’s room for improvement, and i can knock down the two seconds i need to to have qualify for nationals,” Quinones said.

One of the things Quinones thinks he can improve on the most is the kick at the end of the race. He feels that is the difference between his time being a NCAA provisional time versus an automatic bid to nationals.

Quinones is pretty superstitious when it comes to his pre-race routine. The day before a race instead of running his usual 10 miles, he will only run four. He will also do what are called strides which are little sprints to warm up his legs. Another pre-race ritual he does is go to Olive Garden the day before a big race.

When it comes to race day he makes sure he gets a full night’s rest and stays well hydrated. If his race is later in the day, he will do more strides because there will be times of just inactivity and he doesn’t want his body to be stiff. When it gets within an hour or two of the race, Quinones begins his process of getting into the zone.

In order for him to get into the zone, he clears his mind and listens to fast paced music like rap. He then begins to visualize the race in his mind and plan how he’s gonna win it.

“When i’m in the zone, it’s this feeling that I can accomplish anything I put my mind too,” Quinones said.

With Quinones only being a Sophomore he has two more years of eligibility in NCAA competition, so we should only expect him to get better as his career continues.


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