Sculptures and paintings just begin to describe the pieces that will be able to be found for sale on Jan. 31. in the Melvin Art Gallery at Florida Southern College. There is no cost to attend.

“22 years of Faculty and Student Art: Collected by Jim and Ann Rogers  from Exhibitions at Florida Southern College” will be a chance for students to see and purchase many unique pieces of art.

The pieces from this exhibit are art work from past students that Professor James Rogers and his wife had bought.

“Over the past 22 years my wife and I have periodically bought things that had been exhibited in the gallery because we liked them,” Rogers said. “And we are retiring at the end of the semester and we are moving and we have far more art then we can deal with, so we plan to exhibit most of what we bought in the gallery here. We are going to put it on sale and the proceeds from the sale will benefit the art department.”

The proceeds will possibly be going to a scholarship or travel fund.

“A lot of the pieces will be from alumni . . . paintings, drawings and some very abstract stuff. Very interesting stuff from others that have visited,” Curator Jenna Rice said.

The night will consist of a silent auction, refreshments and appetizers.

“We will have cheese and crackers, some fruit and maybe little finger sandwiches,” Rice said.

Most pieces will be for sale, other than a colorful sculpture made out of a box spring that hangs behind Professor Rogers desk and a flying pig sculpture his daughter made when she was younger.

In addition to this art auction and exhibit, there will be more in the Melvin Art Gallery. This year there are 13 seniors that will show their work at the end of the year exhibit, which is more than in the past and they will need the wall space for the exhibit on Jan. 31, too.

“This exhibit is going to really entertaining for people to see what the alumni have done in the past. It will be really interesting for current art students especially,” Rice said.