By John Cote

The wellness center has actively worked to expand recreation trips available to students over the course of the semester. From snorkeling with dolphins and horseback riding to indoor skydiving and paintball, the wellness center plans on putting on more outdoor trips for students so they can enjoy the great outdoors at no cost to them.

“It’s a great way to get students off campus and to have a different area of recreational activities instead of just going to the gym… and the best part is its free for you guys,” Aquatics and Outdoor recreation Coordinator Jillian Dolciato said.

Dolciato did not start the initiative for the outdoor trips but she is working to improve it. The old 4 trips a year just wasn’t enough.

“Currently we have seven trips, one per month except for February… I am also looking to get two more for next year”, Dolciato said.

So far, all of the trips have been filled very quickly. So quickly that Dolciato would like to get more busing so that the wellness center can take more students on these outdoor recreational trips.

As of now they only have room for 15 students, a low number that Dolciato and many others would like to see doubled. She expects there to be at least two buses starting as early as next semester allowing for 30 students to go for free.

How did these trips come about? Simple, it all happened through interest found in student survey answers.

The wellness center wants feedback from students and puts out surveys at the end of every academic year and students said they wanted more outdoor rec trips, so they got them.

The wellness center hopes that with these trips more students will get outdoors and get to experience Florida more and have fun while doing it. Just another way FSC is making sure its students are happy in their new home.

Another great event put on by the Wellness Center is RECFEST and it is quickly approaching. RECFEST is a compilation of lawn games and fun outdoor activities all put in one spot with free food and T-shirts and prizes.

This year it will be on Friday, Dec. 9 from 6-8 p.m. on Mr. Georges Green. The food will be Barbeque styled with a wide spread of options.

Just like with the outdoor trips, RECFEST is influenced heavily by student ideas and opinions. The planning committee is made up of students that work at the wellness center and they reach out to other students to ask what people want to see at RECFEST, and then they make it happen all for the students.

“It was just kind of our way of saying thank you to the school and to the students that participate in our events and for making wellness the success that it is today,” Dolciato said.

So be sure to try some of these new outdoor recreational trips and definitely stop by RECFEST to get properly thanked with free food, T-shirt and lots of outdoor games.


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