Get ready Florida Southern, because the year is almost over, and that means it is time for the Association of Campus Entertainment‘s (ACE) annual Fair-well Festival.

Next Saturday, April 12, the Fair-well Festival will be taking place from 6-10 p.m. in the Brandscomb Parking lot. Because of the chosen location, everyone should make sure all cars are removed from the Brandscomb parking lot before that Sunday morning so the event can be set up.

The event is free to students, staff, faculty and all others as long as they are a guest of a student, staff or faculty member. Just make sure to get a wristband upon entering the Fair-well Festival, otherwise, you will not be let on to any rides.

There will be traditional fair rides, such as the giant slides, swings, a carousel, a Ferris wheel and many others. There will be about seven rides in all and a few fair games as well.

Like last year, the games and prizes will be provided by the company hired for the event so it will be a surprise to everyone as for what is in store.

Live musical entertainment has been promised for the festival this year. However, nothing has been released or confirmed quite yet.

There will also be a ton of “warms your heart fair food,” said Sean O’Brien, the assistant director of student involvement at Florida Southern.

The free food will include hamburgers, hotdogs, funnel cakes and other small fair finger foods. Sodas and water will be available as well.

As per tradition, ACE will be giving out Fair-well Festival t-shirts, but the number is limited, so it will be first come, first serve. This year, in addition to the t-shirts, there will also be novelty items being given away on a first come, first serve basis too.

“I went to the Fair-well Festival last year and I had a blast. I got a t-shirt last year and I am definitely planning on getting another one this year,” junior Meredith Kaffe said. “I will get on line early to make sure I get one again. Plus, getting there early means less of a wait time for all the great rides and games.”

So bring your family, friends and maybe even your teachers to ACE’s Fair-well Festival next Sunday. It is sure to be a can’t miss event.