Danielle Burch
Entertainment Editor

Pete Wentz, bassist for recently out of hiatus band Fall Out Boy, has just released his new tell all book, I mean “fiction” novel ‘Gray.’ Most if not the entire book is based on the musician’s life before and during the rise of his band. In an interview he did with MTV, who published the book, Wentz said that the book is indeed fiction but does contain some true events that took place in his life.
As a long time fan of FOB I could work out what was truth and what was fiction and Wentz understated the amount of truth in this novel. There are a few things that are obviously exaggerated or completely made up for example the few encounters he has with women that are clearly added in to keep the readers attention. But other parts are word for word direct stories of a struggling musician who is fighting his own demons.
‘Gray’ is the story of an unnamed young musician living in Chicago, Wentz is from Chicago as well coincidence I think not. He seems to be the typical twenty something year old, but as the book progresses the reader learns that the main character has a sever disorder that pushes him to his brink not once in the book but several times.
I’m not going to give it away for those who do not know the story of FOB or know much about Wentz but if you do it is exactly what you think it is.
Within the first few pages we are introduced to a woman who is only know as Her. The story is mainly focused around the struggle of love and the pressure of being in a rising band has on that blooming love.
Just like any good love story not everything is roses and clear blue skies. This story is drama filled and one of the most believable stories that has been written in quite a while. I won’t give away the ending but it shocked me and I will admit that I shed a few tears. I’m not too sure if the ending is true or it is a metaphor for the final chapter in a relationship but it was one heck of a plot twist.
As far as the band aspect of this book it pretty much straight forward. It chronicles the band signing to a record label and their first two albums. It also mentions the band member but under different names.
One example of this is The Animal who is described as, “He’s got more tattoos than the rest of us put together, is a militant, straight-edge vegan, and is always ready to fight because of that. He has a shock or red hair, and when he gets going behind the kit, he reminds us all of Animal.” For those of you who do not know FOB this description fits Andy Hurley, the drummer of the band, to the T. In the same interview mention earlier Wentz says that there is one character that is not mention very often in the novel that is identical to his personality in real life. I have to believe that he was talking about Hurley.
This novel is written beautifully. It is loaded with quick wit jokes as well as deep almost poetic internal dialogue. Wentz truly has a way with words but that should have been expected from the lyrics he has written for FOB.
Fandom set aside this book is one of the best new releases I have read since ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower.’ As soon as I finished the book, which only took me a couple of days to do, I flipped open the front cover and started the journey all over again. Whether or not Wentz wants to admit what parts are the truth and which are made up doesn’t matter when you get down to it. This is truly an amazing read.


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