The Ultimate Fashion Experience featured high energy and empowering styles during MLK weekend on Jan. 20, providing a fashion show stemming from the creative minds of sisters Angela and LaWanda Bailey.

“Honestly, I am never disappointed in any of our shows because we have a lot of creative control in our events,” Angela said. “We have a great team of designers, models, support staff and Glam, hair and makeup. The evening was epic!”

The night opened up with a VIP performance outside of the Lake Mirror Center, where models paraded in front of Regal sponsored vintage cars.

The segment in which the models posed in front of the cars was called “Mannequin Mayhem,” styled by a Walk This Way Productions Stylist.

The models moved just like mannequins on display to show vintage-inspired pieces.

Inside the sold-out Center, guests sat at red, black and white decorated tables surrounding the runway.

The opening scene, Fashion on Fire, featured two young girls tumbling and doing cartwheels to Alicia Keys’s powerful “Girl on Fire” blasting in the background. The brand featured a white and yellow theme throughout.

The “GLAM SQUAD” was the hair stylists and makeup artists who helped create the dramatic looks for the night.

More scenes included the TallyRenee Collection, Angels & Demons, Urban Rage, Vintage Couture, Cliché              and #2Terms.

Angels & Demons featured a black and white theme with angel wings and leather to show a contrast between two extremes.

Cliché featured a bathing suit line from designer Essence Flowers, of which she says she likes to show “the curve of the body” through her brand.

Jasmar Bennett was the enthusiastic host for the show. Bennett has a background in Broadcast Journalism, graduating from FAMU.

She recognized the Bailey sisters from the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Modeling Troupe when she saw them in 2002 at a talent show in Haines City.

“I like to see how everything transforms,” Bennett said. “These may not be your typical runway models, as far as Milan and New York, but they have a presence on the runway. We want to see real models on the runway.”

Bennett has hosted four shows for Walk This Way Productions, and started out as a model for the Bailey sisters.

She is very interactive with the audience and the models during the show.

“My favorite part was seeing the faces of the audience members, and how the scenes transformed,” Bennett said. “This is an ultimate fashion experience, and that’s what they got. They bring entertainment, fashion and music.”

LaWanda was just as excited about the show, and was pleased with the turnout.

“It was such an amazingly, overwhelming feeling,” LaWanda said. “I knew it would be a sold-out event as it is every year, but something about this year just felt terrific.”

Angela noted the Vintage Voyage scene from Sandra Gray was “over the top fabulous,” that she loved the vintage clothing and the scene.

At the end of the show, the Bailey sisters strutted down the runway, proud of the show and displaying the women’s personalities.

“It was a celebration,” Angela said. “The executive finale was the fun part. It’s something we do most of the time. Some of our shows don’t allow it, but when we can, we like to spice things up. We are a family of entertainers…and, of course, we like the shock and awe of it too, especially for those that don’t know that side of us.”


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