Lauren Schreader

Staff Writer

Every Wednesday at 5:30 in Edge Hall women gather to grow their relationship and understanding of Christ through fellowship and bible study.

Delight Ministries is a non-denominational, non-profit organization that equips college campuses with resources such as scripture-based curriculums for individuals to learn, understand, and further their relationship with Christ.

Currently, there are 205 student-led chapters of Delight throughout the states.

“To me it is a place of belonging where women can be vulnerable with each other while learning more about Jesus, growing in leadership and deepening their walk with Christ.” Emma Lytle, president of Delight and junior at Florida Southern puts it.

Delight is all about creating a safe community for women on college campuses where they can grow in their faith and become “strong-hearted leaders” in Christ. This ministry will also include the local community as the women in Delight find ways to serve the community, such as future community events and service projects.

Lytle felt that bringing Delight to the Florida Southern campus was placed on her heart during her freshman year when she saw it on social media.

She proposed the idea in the fall of 2021 and had many upcoming challenges to face before the kickoff this past January.

“I started the process but didn’t have the connections or time to follow through.” Lytle explains the beginning of the challenge.

It wasn’t until the Summer of 2021 that she would come back to the idea of bringing Delight to Florida Southern.

During this past summer, she interned in the Dominican Republic for GO Ministries and met a team leader of Delight from another college campus.

From then she began to explore the idea more.

This semester Delight at Florida Southern is going through the book of Genesis. There is a study guide-like devotional that allows a deeper dive into the meaning of the scripture and for additional insight that costs $15. This is the only fee for this club, however, having the book is not mandatory.

A typical Wednesday at Delight includes a small worship with Delight’s worship team, the Genesis scripture for that night, and a discussion about it.

They also do other activities outside of the allotted meeting time. They hammock outside of Barnett Residence Halls, make bracelets, paint tote bags and eat Dunkin Donuts donuts with pink frosting that match the aesthetic theme of Delight.

“Delight filled a space for community and fellowship that I was missing on this campus. I’m surrounded by women who love God,” regular of Delight Hannah Noll said. “Love me and love everyone in that room! What else could you ask for?”

Delight is for those women looking for a place to belong and a community of other women to “love and accept them for who they are.”

Lytle encourages women of all different walks in life and their faith journey to come to Delight and “meet new people and grow in fellowship.”

Whether you love Jesus or you want to start a relationship with him, but don’t know where to start, Delight will welcome any girl on campus with open arms and a welcoming heart.


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