Taylor Wilson

The Florida Southern College campus seems like it is always changing and adding new pieces, and that is because it is.

“It’s really awesome to look back and see how the college has grown since my freshman year,” senior Taylor Paulin said. “New buildings have been and are still being added to fit the needs of students and to expand our options. Places like the Becker Business Building are presenting new opportunities to students.”

As with any institution, FSC continues to remodel and add to buildings on campus, with the motive of making improvements. These improvements can even be tracked through the McKay Archives. There is a web page that details out the architectural history of Florida Southern, starting with Joseph Reynolds Hall and Edge Hall, which were both built in 1922. The site gives a brief explanation and description for each documented structure.

The most recently completed constructions on campus were the France Admissions Center and the Barnett Athletic Complex, which is used for men and women’s soccer and lacrosse, as well as softball. Both of these were completed in early 2018.

The ground was broken for the Weinstein Computer Sciences Center on Nov. 16, 2018. This building will be located next to the Becker Business Building and is set to be completed in the spring of 2020. Currently, the offices and classes for computer science are in the Berry Citrus Building, sharing the spot with plant sciences.

The Carol Jenkins Barnett Center for Early Childhood Learning and Health is also a work in progress currently and is expected to be completed in the fall. This building will house education classes, as well as pediatric nursing classes. This center will be located near the Robert’s Academy, at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Frank Lloyd Wright Way.

With this new center for education classes, space will be freed up on the first floor of Edge Hall. This space will then become home to exercise science classes and offices.

“Currently, our offices, labs, and classrooms are all over campus,” Exercise Science Program Director Dr. Terrell said. “So, I am excited to have everything we will need in one location – that will be a big benefit to our students and faculty as our major continues to expand and evolve.”

There are numerous projects in the works at FSC, but the campus will continue to grow. The opinions of current students were taken on the topic of what building they would like to see added on.

“I know other universities have dorms that are specifically for athletes and ROTC. I think that would be cool to implement at Florida Southern, it would be more convenient to live with your teammates and fellow cadets,” freshman ROTC cadet Dimas Herrera said.

The newest on-campus housing option for students is the Barnett Residential Life Complex, which has two dorm buildings: Nicholas Hall and Wesley Hall. The co-ed dorm buildings were built in 2009 and also offers honors-only housing.

Academic and housing buildings are not the only ones sought after by students, though. Freshman Adilen Reyes said she would like to see a parking garage added in.

“It is always difficult to find parking, especially during the week,” Reyes said. “I think a multiple-story parking garage would be a good addition to campus because it would allow space for students and guests, but would not take up quite as much space as creating multiple parking lots would.”

She suggested building a second story level to an already existing lot, like the Greek Village lot.

Along with these additions, some students are hoping for remodeling to be done. A few of the major ones mentioned by students are Polk Science, the Chatlos Communications building and Ordway. This is due to problems like leaks, a frequent criticism of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture and other hazardous conditions.

“I know there is mold in Polk Science and it’s just an old building,” sophomore Sarah Willin said.  “It would be nice if there were remodels done, or maybe a separate building for labs. Like everyone could have their labs in one place.”

There are many developments that can be made at Florida Southern and students are readily able to make their suggestions for new buildings at SGA Town Hall. The next posted Town Hall is March 13 in the Hollis Room.


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