Alex Sessums
Staff Writer

As the speakers spewed sound across the Florida Southern campus and the multicolored lights sprayed their beams down from under the stars, students were engulfed in liquid foam long into the night at last Friday night’s Foam Party.

Part mosh pit, part party rock anthem, part foam falling from the sky, the annual ACE Foam Party was a night to remember yet again for those who participated.

The event took place in the middle of Mr. George’s Green and included free t-shirts to the first 100 people as well as many other giveaways.

ACE president Caitlin Owen, described it as “a large dance party in a pit of foam bubbles.”

Another student, freshman Sarah Mora, enjoyed the atmosphere as well.

“It was exhilarating and unforgettable,” Mora said. “My favorite part would have been losing myself in the music and the dancing.”

As somewhat of a cult attraction, the annual Foam Party has become one of the more unique traditions of FSC since its inception four years ago.

Among upperclassmen, the foam party is widely considered a mandatory event to jot down on your calendar.

“My freshman year was the first year the school hosted the Foam Party and ever since it has been just as fun,” senior Chip Hafner said. “I have to go to the foam party every year, and I didn’t want to miss it in my final year.”

Many freshmen also participated this year in the foamy madness and enjoyed themselves just as much, if not more, than the seasoned veterans of the Foam Party.

“It was pretty unique for sure,” freshman Joey Artega said. “The foam, the lights, and the music made everything seem like an outdoor club. My favorite part would probably be doing the Macarena and the Wobble.”

The Foam Party has become a beloved event of FSC students and proved nothing short of a foam-drenched success yet again this year.

Those who participated are no doubt eager for next year’s party as well the opportunity to make new memories and carry on the tradition.