Sophia Gonzalez


On March 14, when students returned to campus following Spring Break, dining services opened a brand new food venue with the help of SGA.  

SuperBowls is a new dining option, located inside Wynee’s Bistro. 

Students can go to SuperBowls and customize their bowl order for the same price as eating from Wynee’s Bistro’s regular menu.

“The idea of a bowl-style venue has proven to be popular among college-aged individuals,” Vice President of Finance Carter Webb said. “Therefore, SGA and food services wanted to jump on to the idea of having our own unique bowl idea: SuperBowls!”

Although the concept behind opening a bowl dining location, resembling a Chipotle or Fresh Kitchen was already in progress, its development was expedited when Food Service Director Tim Raible received a phone call from the Business Office, two weeks before Spring Break. 

School administrators examined the student school satisfaction survey from last semester, and they wanted to address students’ concerns regarding food dining options on campus.   

“One of the hot buttons was, some of the students were just tired of covid, tired of the way we’re doing things, and wanted some other options open. Part of that also mentioned healthy foods, [students] wanted more healthy foods available,” Raible said.

Raible explained that each dining location has some form of healthy food, but “sometimes it’s not a matter of not having it, it’s just that we have what you may not like.”

“Student Government’s role in this has been to listen [to] the student body about their dietary needs and create a new, healthy dining option,” Webb said.

According to Raible, SuperBowls’ popularity hasn’t lost its momentum after its first week, and it’s especially busy during dinner time. 

“We’re doing record numbers right now for dinner, and we have not done that. We’re doing greater numbers than we did on our first semester […],” Raible said. “It’s definitely been a real hit, but it’s been a little overwhelming only because I’m so short-staffed in so many areas.”

This dining location has gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available. 

“Students have loved the idea of having a consistent healthy dining option available,” Webb said. 

SuperBowls is currently open Monday through Friday during Wynee’s Bistro’s hours of operation. This location is not open on the weekends because the cafeteria doesn’t experience enough traffic on the weekends and in order to preserve the freshness of the ingredients.  

After Spring Break, food services also implemented another change. Happy Place was moved from its former location by the Business Administration Building to the grass area behind Branscomb Auditorium. 

“Town Hall wanted [Happy Place] on a more regular basis,” Raible said. “The one area that felt a little slighted, because Tutu’s is a little bit far from Branscomb, was the Branscomb area.”

When students got back from Spring Break, there were some issues with the relocation of Happy Place, so they sold pulled chicken sandwiches at the Healthy Blend deli as a special on the first week back from Spring Break. However, Happy Place will be staying behind Branscomb for the time being until they’re able to figure out how to make Happy Place more mobile, according to Raible. 


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